Some amazing FREE PC games! (mildly disturbing images)

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  1. Slender: a game based on the myth of the "Slenderman", (Who i do not belive is real). You must collect eight pages before sledmderman catches you.
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    Ao Oni: A japanese Horror game, where you are trapped inside of a mansion, and a monster chases you. This game will test your puzzle solving skills.
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    SCP containment breach: You are in a large building, where a Thing is chasing you. There is no "Winning" the game, and you will always die.
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    The witch's house: A VERY good RPG game, where you play as Viola, a 13 year old girl who is trapped in a witch's house, and must search for a way out.
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    Thank you for reading!
    EDIT: i do not know why, but i cannot get the images to show up. I'm very sorry, and i will try to work on it ASAP
    here is the links for the images of the games, in order:
    EDIT: i have fixed the issues thanks to chickeneer!!
    the screenshots are at the bottom. (Ao oni and slender are switched)
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  2. You're linking the search page link, not the image link i'm guessing.
  3. No i saved the picture, then i uploaded it to the fourm. I had to attach the links to images.
  4. ok here are the images. (Ao oni, slender, SCP, and the wich's house in that order)

  5. Yeah uh...No thanks >.>;; I clicked cause I saw FREE PC GAMES!!
    I guess consider this a bump? :D
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  6. mabye...
    i have to ask, did any of them scare/freak/creep you out?
  7. I'm not big into horror games. Or those images that scream at you after a few minutes or something. Anxiety and Paranoia kick in.
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  8. I remember :p the thread of witch house you made ,so i saw a walkthrough in youtube and in my opinion the game is scary and also awesome :D.

    I reached page 5 at slender then of that i was very scared because it says that after page 6 something happens so i closed it, hehehe <.<
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  9. those scare the CRAP outta me
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  10. lol, i've betan slender: hospice before, and i can't get past the 5th page on the real slender
  11. If you play slender to the... 'end'. After you reach the 8th page, Slenderman just gets you anyways, so you are not missing out by not getting the page.
  12. I dunno I've played quite a few "Horror" game in my time and none of these strike me as that scary.
    Maybe I'm just desensitized to stuff like that.
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  13. My aunt used to spam my email with those. I finally had to report abuse and she stopped. But to tell you how freaked out I get. I also am very cautions about opening images thanks to this. xD

    I wasn't even playing but Britbrit3197 (my sister) was on Skype call with me and all I could hear was "Eeeeeeee he's gonna get me he's gonna get me...OMG HE'S COMING EEEEEEEEEE....he's gonna get meeee noooo!" but she was laughing at the same time, and I was freaking out. :I lol.
  14. I never met Slenderman when I played Slender. It was a bit depressing…I could never get past 2 pages.
    I'd run around hoping to see him or another note, but nooooooo. Nothing. NOTHING.
  15. This ^ I can't stop laughing. hahaha
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  16. I beat Slender on my 3rd try and subsequently beat Day Time mode on my first try. Slender, to me, isn't really scary, aside from when we pops out right when you turn around sometimes. It's more or less the stress and anxiety you get while he gradually gets harder to avoid and you get closer to victory.
  17. That was the OLD ending. The new ending is he catches you and you black out, and wake up in the forest during day.
  18. The only game i have been scared playing was a game called "Forest"
  19. saw all of then and i think a lot of people know who s vids i saw em in...
  20. well they look crazy im not looking at this again