So this just happened

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  1. A friend of mine that started yesterday on EMC went out into the wild with the crazy idea of doing a diff 10 challenge survival. 30 minutes into the challenge this happens.

    #BareHanded #NoArmor #NoFood #Diff10

    HF watching. RIDICULOUS!
  2. I'm speechless .-.

  3. ._.

  4. Well, that was an interesting outcome.
  5. While im here killing momentus with a Diamond sword at the same time he does. ;-;
  6. Wow. That would be funny when you had half a heart and it somehow killed you. :p
  7. I... Just...Wow...I don't even...:eek:
  8. My new hero!
  9. I'm not sure why, but the video doesn't show up for me
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  10. Think about how that Momentus felt when he couldn't fight back because he was stuck. :p Just kept on getting punched over and over and over.
  11. Vault voucherrrrrrr
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  12. How did he trap him?
  13. He was just standing in his house. Suddenly he got sucked out and instantly killed after respawning in his bed inside the house the boss just stood there like that. So not really a strategy anyone could use I suppose XD
  14. eehh, wow...
  15. Hmm gives me ideas :p
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  16. "Everyone goes out to try this strategy"
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  17. Glitch exploit. Banned.