So someone attempted to assassinate a Bulgarian political leader.

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  1. And failed.

    I love how it was so professionally handled :p
  2. Wow, he had the gun in his face and still failed. That guy deserved to get the s*** kicked out of him just for being an idiot.
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  3. That made me laugh so hard... EPIC FAIL!!!
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  4. I would kick the crap out of someone if they'd just pointed a gun at someone too, Lol
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  5. Haha, epic fail! :D
  6. "Hey, that guys an idiot. Everyone kick his ass!"
  7. "I've got the gun right at yo face bro, im going to shoot in 3 seconds."
  8. Love how he could have just shot, but waited 3 seconds and acted like he was meant to get his ass handed to him.
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  9. I also get the feeling if he did actually shoot the gun they would still be hitting him with a briefcase now.
  10. My favourite part has to be old man near the end.
    *smacks with walking stick
  11. Haha same here, he came out of nowhere
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  12. From a political point of view. This demonstrates how much some eastern european countries lack behind the standard. For the way he was arrested a good lawyer might even get him free. Bulgaria really made a fool of itself with this. The guys who were chosen to represent the countries act like wild monkeys....

    Couldn't laugh at it srry to ruin it :-/
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  13. My husband said he read about it on Reddit - it is most likely a faked attack.
  14. I just saw this on imgur, it reminded of the Chezch(I think thats how you spell) president who was shot with and airsoft gun and the guy just walked away.
  15. I wonder what that idiot was thinking...
    The plan is to stand beside him in arms-length, so he can grab the gun, and to wait about 5 minutes to shoot.

    Or he might have just forgotten to load the gun.