So MinecraftL might be getting TNT minecarts

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  1. *Bottom left corner*


    Now, SethBling can make a Payload Map :D
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  2. Is this the newest snapshot?
  3. Well, it hasn't been confirmed if they will be in Minecraft, but the picture was released by DinnerBone.
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  4. Wonder if the explosion will cook the pork chops from those pigs.
  5. I sense terrorist activity with these in EMC
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  6. Setting one down every rail at the LLO?
  7. From the looks of the series of pictures Dinnerbone posted, it looks like they're adding the ability to put anything in minecarts, not just TNT. (Assuming all of the pics are hints at what might be added.) So many possibilities. :D
  8. Anvils that can be drop on players and now Tnt in Minecarts is minecraft getting a Acme invasion ?

    Anyways looks interesting at the least
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  9. Well hopefully the TNT will work.
  10. Road runner and the wiley coyote. <3
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  11. Minecarts inside of minecarts… >.>

    EDIT: If that's true, I'm just going to shove a bunch of animals in minecarts, send them to a pit of fire to appease the mighty staff.
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  12. They had a glitch like this where it would shoot you off crazy fast if you stacked minecarts on top of other minecarts lol
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  14. Looks nicer than end stone.
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  15. I have a feeling EVERY fancy place in the Empire will be made of this
  16. The price of endstone will go down drastically too haha.
  17. This stuff will be hard to get, because we might have to render new land in the nether to find it..... Nether reset for 1.5?
  18. Nah.
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  19. I'm not sure we will see another wild reset again.
  20. Well this stuff will be in high demand, and "useful" amounts will cost thousands. Plus no one really has nether bases, too many ghasts. And if they do it is probably small. If the nether is reset, the quartz will still be rare, just not like how emerald ore first was, thousands for one block.