So... March 19th [With a "Prize"]

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Were you born in March?

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  1. Yet again it's my birthday on EMC. I don't think I mentioned it last time, though.
    ...It feels like everyone is born in March. I guess June is just a parent's favorite time of the year.

    Anyway, in preparation for the day to commemorate me being alive for another year, I'm gonna hold a mini contest. Very small contest.

    I've had the same skin for the past two years. I'm bored of it. Make me a new one.

    If your skin is the best made by March 19th, I will pay you 50,000 rupees. I hoard my money, I need to get rid of it.

    You are not limited to one submission, just spam me with original creations. No rules as to what the skin itself is of, so long as it's y'know... appropriate. If you happen to copy something off the internet, and attempt to claim it as your own work, I will frown upon you for all eternity.

    ...I love how I'm using my birthday as an excuse to make this thread finally. Shows how much appreciation I have.
  2. I probably shouldn't have spent that much time on the text. No point.
    For submitting your skin, just PM me. Feel free to throw as many skins as you want into the PM, and don't be afraid to add more later. More variety is good. I'll be keeping a running tally of how many skins any one person has submitted. Just because I want people to submit as many things as they possibly can.

    Curundu - 1
    Eklektoi - 1
    ItsMeMatheus - 1
    AmusedStew - 1
    Electrobomb - 1
    Penfoldex - 1
    Autumnrain26 - 1

    If I spelled your name wrong, sorry.
    (Also, I may increase the prize if enough people submit things... who knows!? Similarly, if I don't find something I like... well, I'm not inclined to pay for something I don't want.)
  3. Heh, funny how my birthday is in 2 days... Maybe June indeed IS parents' fav time :p
    I'll try to enter and make something that represents your 1080ness
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  4. I made a really cool skin awhile ago. I posted it on a skin site just so you know but i did make it
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  5. Happy birthday! Can't make a skin worth 50K though...
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  6. You'd be surprised, my tastes are pretty random. Honestly, if I knew what I wanted I'd make it myself. The more perspectives, the better.
  7. Time to put my skin making skills to the test. :D
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  8. Um...I was BORN in June...does that count? :p
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  9. What color is your hair?
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  10. In the sun, it's the darkest brown known to man.
    Anywhere else, it might as well be black.
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  11. So should I use black or brown?
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  12. It's not important to me what you use. Make the skin the way you want to.
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  13. Alright, then.
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  14. I think my b day is in april :p
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  15. my birthday is the 19th of march! (my real one)
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  16. kk - already have you one :3 I sent it :D
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  17. March-born people UNITE!! :p
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  18. See above.
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