So I've never really said "Hi..."

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  1. Hey there all!

    So some of you do already know me in the Empire (I 'live' on SMP4 though I do a fair bit of 'sightseeing' and shopping on the other Empire servers) but I've never really posted on the forum before. But since I've now taken the plunge and become a supporter I figured I'd get into the forum more also. Anyway, I'm Cinn and still a 'new member' to the forum though I've been lurking on here as long as I've been in the Empire (which is a while now)!

    Cinn ;)
  2. Welcome to the forums! You'll be addicted in no time!
  3. Lol...
  4. Welome to da forrruuummmzzzz!!!
  5. Hai der \o3o/
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  6. Oh hai her \o3o/
    Welcome to duh fizzourms
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  7. Welcome to the forums. I like you cinnamon and yoshis, therefore, your username is cool :p
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  8. Welcome to the forums!
  9. Welcome to the Empire Forums then Hope you enjoy here.
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  10. The forums are probably the most addicting drug known to mankind. But it's so goood (☞゚∀゚)☞
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  11. Thanks people! Feeling very welcomed thus far :)
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  12. AWWWW YEAH, SMP4 FTW! Welcome to the forums. I've probably spent more time on here than the actual game...

    Also, ask jcplugs for free rupees.
  13. I like turtles..
    [Insert creepy exit music here as i disappear into the shadows]
    Troll song here... You'll never see this unless someone quotes me :p this is funnnnnnnn
  15. Welcome to the forums! :D You have been here a while! Longer than me! :eek:
  16. Meh. I've been here longer than her :p
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  17. Welcome to the forums! It is a magical place...... :)
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  18. Muahahah! Your secrets are revealed!

    Welcome, and visit smp6 sometimes. If i'm on, I might be able to spare a precious potato to you. :D
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