So I'm writing a book.

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  1. Preview.

    What do you guys think? It's all about atheism and religion, and how ideals based on the Realistic Framework (logic, reason, science) are more beneficial to society than ideals based on the Fantasy Framework (superstition, supernaturalism, pseudoscience, dogma).
  2. How old are you?
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  3. 14, why?
    I'm self-publishing it via FastPencil, btw
  4. You are a very talented individual. Great start to a book that I would love to read, not because of your arguments, but because of the way in which you can elaborately express them. Only problem other than a few grammar mistakes I found was the first sentence: technically three goals ;)

    Keep up the great writing and I look forward to reading more.
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  5. Ah, thanks, never noticed that :)
  6. This is amazing! Although I don't understand much of it.
  7. Well Volt, I am kind of intrigued. You are expressing opinions that I have thought about for years, and I am curious to see how you continue to express those ideas. However, I can't decide if this is your attempt from moving beyond trying to destroy the EMC society to actual real life society, or pure belief and ideology. It would be a feasible progression for you based on your track record in my opinion.

    So please keep us updated on your progress with the book. I am really looking forward to chapter 7 myself.
  8. Haha, fair point!
    I usually use the online world as method of venting my need for power and control, I don't do that IRL :)
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  9. I like it. Not going to change my religious beliefs, but I like it nonetheless. Impressive.
  10. Well, I can tell you that writing a book* is SO HARD. I have written a lot of short stories and even short "novels", but never finished the book I started a year ago. I wish you have more will than I have so you can finish your work :)

    *(I consider that a normal book is 250 pages long, at least)
  11. You clearly don't read the books I do.
  12. You're Autistic? WHAT?

    EDIT: You should keep writing :p
  13. Will do bro!
    Of course I'm autistic, how else could one explain the intricate combination of relentless hunger for power and control, exemplary vocabulary when communicating via writing, and the overly complex and unconventional methods I employ in multiplayer Minecraft?
  14. I don't know... Someone who likes to do that?
  15. Love this idea! But I can guarantee it will cause a few arguments
  16. This is really good stuff. Keep up the good work!
    I am also an Atheist
  17. The only such people are autistic.
    I'm Northern Irish, I have a more enhanced ability to deductively create a mental image of someone's identity based on certain tics, including their name, where they live, the school they go to, the newspapers they buy, and what they call certain countries/cities.
  18. The shock value of my opinions shall be a key marketing point.
    The money's gonna go mostly to a nonprofit I wish to create.
  19. Nice, you read much stuff by Dawkins or Hitchens?
  20. To a charity or something?