So, I got up this morning and went on EMC, and...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 72Volt, Jul 3, 2014.

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    Twice as much money as I've ever had. Loving life. <3
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  2. Wait, I don't get it. Were you expecting someone to pay you that?
  3. Completely random!
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  4. My friend gave me 220k rupees a while ago randomly :D
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  5. I wish things like that happened to me :p
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  6. GG. Im jelly.
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  7. Nice! :D Now go rule the economy with your newfound wealth. :p
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  8. That's the plan. :p
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  9. Interesting and kind payment! Have fun ruling the economy good sir ;)
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  10. Okay, I have a number of options for use of the money!
    1. Hoard it, so I can feel good about myself.
    2. Find some way to spend it on Concordia. Though I already have all the supplies I need.
    3. Buy a set of god armor, a god bow and a god sword, and kill minibosses and Enraged mobs on difficulty 7. Sell the drops for a profit.
    4. Invest in a business for a profit. Already paid AlarmGoesBeep 15k. Whether I see that again, time shall tell.
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  11. I do number one just generally because I hoard everything :rolleyes:
    Though, number three sounds fun, because #Fragments! #DSFAM ;)
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  12. But of course! :D
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  13. Well I once got 50K from Copherfield so...
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  14. Blood money.