So... Boats

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  1. I LIKE BOATS, so basicly I made this shrine to boats... 2014-04-10_21.47.18.png 2014-04-10_21.50.27.png
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  2. Beautiful. I'm sure I'd love it if I didn't considered boats glitchy trolls. :D
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  3. Boats are cool
    *looks at status*
    Boats are cool
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  4. Is there a chicken on a boat as well?
  5. Oooh... I'm on a boat with a couple of wackos!
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  6. Because those are the correct lyrics
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  7. My experience with boats:

    I'm on a boat!!!
    *hits a squid or a chicken*
    The End.
  8. You're lucky. I row my boat around in the open ocean and it randomly breaks and I glitch to some island way back over there i passed 5 mins ago :)

    But I figured out how to fix that. /server smp(some other server) - then - /server smp(back to server i was in) - and hey presto, i'm back in the actual position the game has me in, before my client ran ahead of the game. :)
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  9. You're both lucky :p
    I was boating and I suddenly instantly died in the middle of the ocean
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