[Help] Randomly died while driving a boat?

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  1. Title says it all
    I was on smp3 driving a boat when suddenly....

    Not very happy at all, lost my best sword, best bow and my Ender Chest :mad:

    I wasn't near any islands as far as I know either.
    I don't know if this is a bug or what but I'm not the happiest person and I'd like this either fixed or explained.

    Edit: I was wearing full iron armour as well -.-
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  2. Squids like to attack us for no reason
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  3. Insta-death squids, just what we all need!
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  4. The Square log says "AliceF3 hit the ground too hard." I don't have an explanation.

    If I weren't at work and had the ability to play, I would gladly gather your dropped items for you. Alas, I can't play while I'm at work. Maybe another staff member will be able to help.
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  5. Its the invisible boogeyman!
    OT: this has happen to a few people that I know they would be just riding in their boat and then just randomly die, it would best to report this bug D:
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  6. I have looked into it. not sure what caused the death.
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  7. Hitting the ground too hard usually happens from falling, but I don't see how that happens when you're in a boat. Even when you smash into something while boating, it just breaks the boat but leaves you unscathed.
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  8. Thanks to Chickeneer for getting my items back for me! n.n
    I can never thank you enough!

    Edit: I feel like I've started a big mystery now....
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  10. I've also died in a boat before (I feel good that I was near from spawn :p), but not only in EMC, but also in other servers as well as singleplayer maps. It's a glitch that happens sometimes randomly, I've seen (from experience) that you can die in this way more commonly if you have dogs, or if you go fast and pass a place with only one water block of height. I think this is an issue that Mojang is trying to repair, I'll try to investigate more about it.
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  11. Crashing into Soul Sand on a boat will kill the player, but keep the boat intact.

    Well, I found this in the minecraft wiki, and if boats had a bug with soulsand, it's probably that they still have more problems.
    Running aground on slabs will inflict some amount of falling damage. The damage seems to be much worse the longer you've been in the boat. (Perhaps due to the bobbing motion at sea being counted as 'falling' distance, and cashing it all in at once). This bug is also triggered when exiting a boat while on Soul Sand.
    And this one I found it in a forum, so it's probably because you were above an entity or something that wasn't a full block, it's a really unfortunate way to die.
  12. Do you mind telling me what your controls are? I know it has nothing to do with the issue, but I saw what you hse to open your inventory and got interested.
  13. Oh haha
    I use RControl for inventory, arrow keys to move, / to type and command is P (I never use it though)
    Everything else is the same :p
  14. Contact IcC he has seen this happen before and will get your stuff back for you.
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  16. Ohh didn't see that post but it happened to bunker llama like over the summer and IcC can't figure out what it is.