So about my school...

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  1. Well. There was a bomb threat at my school today. It took 3 hours for them to get us on buses to get us to a nearby school... This happened yesterday too. I'm starting to wonder if my parents will ever let me go back there... There was also a threat for a school shooting today. There was talk about people reenacting the columbine shooting..
    What the heck is wrong with people.. Whether its calling in fake anonymous tips or actually planting bombs and/or a school shooting..
    Well. I am home 2 hours early from school...(and bored and kinda scared)

    Also, there are still thousands of high school students waiting for rides at the middle school.

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    <-My picture is so inappropiate
  3. Thats just horrible :eek:
  4. People are evil and stupid.
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  5. Whoa, this sounds very serious :eek:, Hope you are okay and that everyone in your school is okay also.
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  6. I hate people who like to ruin the "fun" of school for everyone.
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  7. There is good people too
  8. yeah everyone's alright.
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  9. I know there is, but its pretty much 75% of people are actually good, but 25 or 35% of people are not.
  10. Well, at least no one is hurt.
    So far, they are just THREATS.
    If it gets serious, promise us you won't be a hero .-.
  11. Certain people think that nothing will happen or they won't get caught if they are doing something wrong.
  12. Glad to hear that
  13. Yeah. I'm glad it wasn't more than threats. They could only get one canine unit (one dog) in to search the ENTIRE school, campus, and surrounding areas.
  14. When the loudspeakers said we were evacuating there was screaming.. tons of screaming.
  15. I remember when this happen at my school. But kids were not as "serious" and started yelling #YOLO : P Bomb threats are made from people that want attention.
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  18. He was just correcting him.
  19. Your school's had a lot happen to it... Like my primary school.
    This happened when I was 7, it lasted for 7 weeks and they caught the guy. He was also a pedophile... erm... yeah... but he was a flapper too.
    Oh my god, i'm in tears. Not at how funny that was, but because of the stupidity of it. This is serious and you're making stupid jokes.
  20. Are you guys really serious right now. All he DID was correct him. Not making fun of him. Don't take it to seriously, ok. Was he making fun of what happen in the school? No. He was just correcting him.
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