Snowv Republic (Nation)

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  1. Snowv Republic
    The Snowv Republic is
    a wild nation,focused
    on allowing new
    or unbanned players,
    to create a community together.
    Why I decided to make this
    I decided to make Snowv after
    I realised it would be
    difficult for some
    banned players to be accepted
    into Wild Nations.
    Of course,I wanted to allow
    everyone to settle in
    Overall,I thought of this because I was recently
    How we will settle
    We will settle in a nice snow biome(Well what did you expect?)
    near other Wild Nations on SMP 9.
    We will make a capital city called Snowvik,and
    we will allow players to make their own
    cities and towns.


    We have a President(Me),and
    a Vice President(Gollark).
    We are currently electing
    a Head of Government(Prime Minister).
    Conversation me to become a candidate for Prime Minister!
    1.All EMC rules apply.
    2.No offensive posts on this thread.
    3.Listen to the laws.
    4.Be helpful to other players.
    5.Have fun.
    National Anthem

    To be decided.
    We need donations of rupees,blocks and more.
    Donate them to my SMP1 residence,and I will quickly get the items.
    Thank you!
  2. Hi, I founded the New Republic, which currently exists as your neighbour states of Wrem, New Holland, Volt, Stoneguard and Estona. I have a few comments to make.
    1. I like the idea of providing a place for people on their second chance in EMC! I was banned once for a silly mistake, and I went on to found a wild community only bested by the LLO. So yes, good job.
    2. I suggest you don't call it a socialist republic. I don't have much of a problem with socialism myself, but other people may find it overbearingly political if they're not too into politics, or they may disagree with the ideology of socialism, which would drive potential members away.
    3. That's an awfully big territory you're claiming, some may view it as trying to horde land. Not even the mighty New Republic reached a territorial extent like that. I suggest you scale it back.
    4. "Listen to the government" shouldn't really be a rule. If you mean 'listen to the government' as in 'do what the government says', then this may drive people away, because they do not like the idea of being told what to do; even if you never demand they do anything unreasonable, they are still irked by the possibility you are allowed to under your nation's law.
    That's all I have to say, best of luck! :D
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  3. I know about big territory,but nobody else had a claim.
    I'm on SMP9 right now,I just need a way to get to the east...
    (When I go to /wild,I cannot find east portal...)
  4. A good question to ask when claiming land is "If I set up a town at one edge of the border, and someone else invaded my nation and built a town at the opposite edge, would I be able to ask him to move and still be backed up by EMC staff?" I don't think you would be able to do such a thing.
  5. I'm not claiming,but instead declaring our territory.
    Anyway,I believe in free building.
  6. Okay, that's fine.
  7. How far from smp9 spawn is this?
  8. Gollark,I'm on SMP1 right now.
    And the nation,about 800 from east outpost.
    I think Volt or Wrem constructed a nether route,but I don't know.
  9. As someone with some land near Snowv please try not to expand north anymore.
    Thanks. ;3
    Oh, and similar to Volt, no people may not 'listen' to the government, but they must follow the rules, so try to make them understandable. >_<
  10. pretty sure none of these nations can be established with the current doctrine, they ignore the proximity clause as well as the free build zone rule of 5k from outposts.
  11. If it's possible, I would very much like to join! I am usually on smp4 but this has made me rethink, maybe I could keep my res on 4 and live in the wild on 9!
  12. I'm not wanting to establish this for protection.Anyway,it took ages to get to the south coast,and ice didn't help with the trip around the island.And I'm about to change the laws right now.Also,I am not expanding any further until we need t0.
    And yes PureBred,you can join.
    We need to flatten some land though.
  13. So many nations crammed in area never works out right. I love the whole home for 2nd chance people but this being said do you think you should be so close to another nation "land claiming aside" , i would suggest moving out further and away from other people more freedom and less issues that way
  14. The map is really not accurate, Volt has made the decision to not claim territory outside of what we have already built in, homeslice is also building in what you claim as snowv, we consider this a satellite outpost of Volt. I suggest not claiming land in this region of the wild, the disputes are not fun and ultimately get no where.
    It's also closer than 3k from 5 or 6 existing nations, I'd suggest moving just to prevent having to deal with these nations. There is a lot of land to the north.
  15. You can have your cobble fort and the area around as a colony,but we still declare all other parts of Snowv as independent from Volt until further notice.
    Also,the Navy vessel SV Rawfishski is approaching Volt to start the embassy.
    Oh,and I know about Homeslice.
    Homeslice can build there,but not into Snowv territory.
  16. As the President of New Holland i must say, interesting idea and good luck!

    But, your map is a bit wrong, New Holland owns land to the west of our border on your map.
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  17. All those nations are loosely under the New Republic, although they split in a way.
  18. No, the NR is dead, it was dissolved several months ago.
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  19. Love the idea, although form a planning standpoint, you are way to close to Estona and Pantano, or something like that. When the original NR maps were drawn, it was only a small city, and still, new "nations" are being crammed together in the area, heck, the individual states of the NR couldn't get along, and they were in the same "country".

    I Strongly advise you move your location, their are a few good mushroom biomes to the north if you are interested. I just don't think the region can take a few more "nations", just trying to the proactive, solve land deputes before they occur.

    Love the idea tough, sorta like Australia was in the beginning, well, the mid bit :) Best of luck, Kinda touching that people are still moving out to the area.

    Also, I suggest you scale back you claim to a few good islands, the snow biome is a passage way of sorts, and I think it is in the areas best interest it stay independent, we wouldn't want any, imperial entanglements, would we?

    Note on that, they were founded before the rules, not ignoring them. Personally, I think it is best that they work out
    disagreements on there own accord, somewhat autonomous of the EMC staff.
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  20. This looks cool. Now, a lot of people are saying be small and stuff and that there are too many nations there that can't get along. That's all bad administrate on the nations part. I think it's fine that you start a nation there, you just have to be careful when managing your relations with the other nations.