Smp9's Iconic "Empire" State Building Mega Mall

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  1. 18005 "Empire" State Building
    Lots of items to choose from, reasonable prices. Free to use crafting and enchantment rooms, A huge seller's floor, future additions include a Music Center and an Enchanted Items floor. periodic upgrades to the shop sometimes includes the addition of new items for sell.

    I ask that players please not buy me out of stock for the purpose of reselling the items. I do not hire workers so I am the only person that restocks my shop. If anything is out of stock at the time of your visit, please check back abit later as I restock my shop every 2-3 days.

    please do not ask that i lower my prices. my prices are the best possible average of all the large shops on all the emc servers combined( prices subject to change accordingly based off current supply and demand) . i actually took the time to study these prices to come up with the average prices i have. also i will not contribute to the failing of our economy by selling items at a ridiculously low price just to sell them fast. my goal is to provide players with a place to buy items for a reasonable price where they can be assured that most of the time the items will be in stock when they need it.

    Have a suggestion that i might be able to add to the center to better your experience? post them here.
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  2. Guys, this is my favorite shop in all of SMP9. why won't she lower prices? Because they are already super low!
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  3. wow this looks epic!
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  4. Humpty Dumpty sat on a Bump! Well that sounds uncomfortable.
  5. Have always loved your shop, well except for the lag.
    But still buy and buy often :D.
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  6. Nice architecture
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  7. Finished at last.
    I've always liked your shop, bought quite a lot of things in it.
    Your building is like twice as big as mine, so i cant imagine how frustrating it was to build it compared to what it took for me to build my own.... :confused:
    Good job! :D
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  8. Months of patience (waiting to obtain all that iron lol )
    Months of Dedication (knowing it would be a 1 of kind building on the whole Empire) :)
    Anticipation of a job well done! (feeling very proud of myself for accomplishing a huge goal)

    thank you SDO! :D
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  9. Greeting Fellow EMC'ers,
    I'm kinda back!! yay!! but can't play all day long like i used too. Being as i have a real life job now, my shop won't be able to get the full attention i was once able to give it be4, BUT it has been somewhat updated with some of the newest items. With a small remodel in progress, my hopes is to have it back up to the glory of it's former shopping greatness! So come on over and visit at res #18005.
  10. humpty dumpty bumpy bump
  11. Queendiva I have basically based my entire shop around yours with different style and a few different items. But when I need to check something out or buy something I always check yours first :D
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  12. I've now been there, its really nicely set out. I'll be coming back for buy from u soon :)
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  13. Thank you both! i'm happy that you like it :)
  14. once upon a bump..... :)
  15. several of the new items have been added to the store!! stop on over have check it out! :D
  16. About time. :D
  17. Nice building queen :) Can players sell items to your shop?
  18. i have a seller's floor but it is currently closed due to low on rupees having to update and remodel alittle bit. might reopen it in the near future :)
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