smp9 --- Hut Village on freeway built by Aikar

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  1. Recently I was walking along smp9's freeway and saw a hut.
    The person who built it was Xro_1231
    I decided to build a hut next to him and suggested we make a hut village.
    And now here we are, making a hut village,
    Free for everyone but please dont grief or steal,
    No applications needed.

    To get there just walk along the freeway and you will see a couple of huts :D
  2. its a great thing to do, and im sure people will join, but with something as easy to get to as this, it WILL get griefed. i hate to say it and be that person, but im just giving you a heads up.
  3. xD its ok, im always gonna rebuild the huts that get griefed
  4. If you look at it that way, You guys will always win. Good for you!
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  5. xD i get bored so when i see a griefed house in the wild, i try re-build it so the owner doesnt get upset
  6. That is a really thoughtful thing to do! You are very nice ;)

    And have a very Merry Christmas :D
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  7. Awww, that's so nice. Please come to 9225 on smp4, I have set up an access chest with a little thankyou gift for you. It's people like you who make EMC the great place it is.
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  8. Thx =D
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  9. Thank you but its ok :)
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  10. If you don't mind be asking why does it say "built by Aikar" in the title?
  11. Large heart... That's what you have ;)
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  12. xD cuz the freeway was built by Aikar, wasnt it?
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  13. Possibly, I'm not entirely sure :confused:
  14. Whoa we have just gained 9 huts in 11hrs! Amazing!
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  15. Please do not place chests in huts cuz we r not allowed to lock it, i am afraid that people will take your stuff and i wouldnt want any robbery happening
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  16. I like this spontaneous and cute idea. Here's a suggestion, and maybe I'll do it myself if viable, I haven"t seen the surroundings of the place. Planting a few trees in front of and around the hut village could somehow drive those griefers in search of wood away from the buildings, and it might end up being a player made forest, heh.

    Of course wicked intentioned griefers will still grief but as you're already prepared for that, I guess that issue is covered and this would be just another addon to the village.
  17. Wow great idea =D
    But now i have to find saplings xD
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  18. I have loads of oak saplings, once I go back home I'll take them there and start planting around. If there's something I like in minecraft is stuff that grows on its own :p
  19. xD cool
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