SMP9 and UTOPIA crash

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  1. Refer to the title. Staff, please fix the crash in utopia and smp9.
  2. smp9 is ded D:
  3. Now i think they got back up and smp8 crashed along with 1 and 9.
    EDIT: they are all going haywire in no order.
  4. I can no longer connect to any it just me? ~FD
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  5. oh, no, they are upgrading to 1.6.4.
  6. They already have, haven't they?
  7. haha, i blow up some tnt on smp7 and then the server turns off xD right after.. i thought i crashed the server... xD
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  8. Ithoughttheyalreadywere
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  9. It already is on 1.6.4 for me...Why they no tell us D:
  10. I'll say this though, we need a post from the staff quick, to prevent the inevitable flood of threads.
  11. Except for the fact we have been for ages
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  12. smp2 is weird too
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  13. I sent a PM to davie while he was on the site but it appears none are on.
  14. They did a bug fix update. Could that have caused a new bug?
  15. They have already updated to 1.6.4. And all smps are down currently, I wouldn't worry too much. I'm sure they will be back up soon.
  16. But I want to be on NOW!!!
  17. there is one person on stage atm so im thinking there doing something
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  18. Well, I tried IRC to alert Aikar, but it said he was away...
  19. Lets all take this time to vote!
  20. Back to my better servers...