SMP8's Advanced Technology

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  1. Just felt the need to show off how awesome ChrisFlareon is and how awesome our smp is :) (Also, everyone else on smp8 should show off where they put theirs.)
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  2. No Apple Store? I'm disipointed.
  3. And your point is?

  4. Ha...ha.. Because. Apple Store.

    I cant live without the internet. #Ihavenolife
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  5. El oh el, CRT monitor. :D
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  6. We are a diverse community and we support all operating systems.
  7. You know, it should surprise me that Chris took so much time to make that, just for the sake of a cheesy joke, but it just doesn't . . .
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  8. The effort put into making it is pretty awesome.
  9. And pointless. Which is the best kind of effort.
  10. You may be able to find it in /dispose.
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  11. Your disappointed about the lack of Apple? I'm disappointed by you. #AndroidIsBetterThanAppleByFaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar
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  12. Android doesn't make a PC though. :p
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  13. For the record, my emc pc is a Gateway.
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  14. Never said it did. I just detest Apple...
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  15. how do u get that
  16. They were made for the smp8 community by Chris.
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  17. I sent you the item frame and map via Empire mail

    Use some of the screenshots here as examples of how people made theirs to get an idea how to make your own
    You can also visit my res on smp8 by typing "/v ChrisFlareon afk3" and you get put right in front of my computer :D
    (Mine's an older model though, so it's not recommended...)

    Another good (albeit extreme) example is karkar651's; since I have build perms on her res I basically gave her an advanced gamer's PC setup, complete with booming speakers and a 3-slot hard disc system of Stone Slabs attached.

    Kat's setup is, by far, one of the best I've seen, though... and on that note, so is Qkazoo07's :)
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  18. (On another note, I normally just give these out for free - so if you have a res on smp8, and you don't have one of these maps, then ask and I'll gladly make one for you or send you one - either way, it's free. :D)
  19. I don't have Optifine and with my iMac I don't lag at all on a full server!