[Smp8] LB Ind. ~Iron and More

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  1. Smp8-16139 Residence and Shop!
    Stop by for a incredibly good deals at the newest shop BrenJone and I are putting together.
    Items being sold:
    Iron, Slime Balls
    Coming Next:
    Gold (maybe, 1.8 will determine this), Mob Drops (more than likely in auctions now)

    (in response to the "well needed" price boost)
    1 iron ingot: 6r
    64 ingots: 384r
    SC: 13,500r
    DC: 23,250r
    amounts you can purchase
    (Min: 1 ingot~Max: 3 DC)

    1 slime ball: 6r
    64 slime balls: 384r
    SC: 9,500r
    DC: 18,500r
    amounts you can purchase
    (Min: 1 slime~Max: 1 DC)

    Order Form


    *Payments go to Luckygreenbird*
  2. Opening Sale: If you order a double chest or more within 24 hours of this post, you get 1k off the total price
  3. Bump for the sale!
    Also as an interest check, would anyone want to see the production of a machine that trades your diamonds automatically for a few iron blocks? It would be a sell sign that takes 1 diamond at a time and causes a dispenser to shoot 2-3 blocks of iron back out.
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  4. Plenty of iron left, remember ordering a dc of iron is 1,000r less than buying two sc!
    The shop chest has also been restocked.

    And does anyone have a comment on that machine, Bren and I are seriously considering it. :)
  5. Reduced price for the next 168 hours (1 week :p).
    Every full double chest order is 1.5k off, which means 1 dc is now 7.5k and 2 is 15k!
    I suggest that people take advantage of the offer, it is now going cheaper than auction value for the same amount. :)
  6. Bump, feel free to either post orders to the thread or pm me, either works :)
    Reminder: reduced price on double chests of iron
  7. Daily Bump, the sale goes on :D
  8. Any deals for a doublechest of iron blocks?
  9. I'll pm you, stock is high so you might get a "first come first serve" super-bulk deal. :)
  10. Bump, we are stocked with several more DCs :)
    The Sale is still going on, take advantage!
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  11. Bump, orders can be made up to 3 DC (6 SC) now :)
  12. Bump for the iron
  13. Anyway i can get a DC of iron blox at a nice discount?
  14. I'd have to check my stock. I should have enough but I'd have to see if I can keep up with the demand.
    I'll pm you.
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  15. sounds good
  16. Bump, daily bump with my B-17
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  17. BUMP, B-17 Flying Fortress bump
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  18. Item: 2 DC's of iron ingots
    IGN: YodasCokeDealer
    Price: 15k (discount for 2?)
  19. Thanksgiving Special. Prices now permanently 8k for a double chest.
    (that includes yours too, Yoda ;))
    Still looking for an interest check on a Your Diamonds for My Iron trader machine. :)
  20. The prices have been permanently reduced to 8k when there is not a sale.
    So the price is 16k :)
    I have an access chest already set up.