SMP8 - Extreme Rendering V2 (pictures)

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  1. A little more than two years ago, I posted this thread, and I have now decided to some more experimenting with extreme rendering (32-chunk rendering).

    To start this out, I will explain the process of this "experiment." The process requires the use of World Downloader, a Minecraft mod that downloads every chunk you see from a multiplayer server and puts it into a playable singleplayer world.

    Before I started up World Downloader, I spawned Incitatus and went to the upper left-hand corner of the EMC Town. Because World Downloader only downloads chunks that load up nearby, I had to ride my horse all over the town, which took me two hours and 26 minutes to accomplish... that doesn't mean I sat at my computer the whole time, though (I have a wireless keyboard). I also didn't have to ride my horse down EVERY street because EMC's six-chunk render distance allowed full residences and one-fourth of the far residences to load. For example, I had to ride down one street to the end of the map and then ride down through the middle of players' residences to the other end, and then ride down the street again. It was very repetitive. Back then, I didn't even cover enough ground to render 32 chunks of the town.

    Anyway, after two hours of "exploring" SMP8's town, I was finally finished - I disconnected and opened the singleplayer world... and then I went to bed after I shut down my computer. The next day, today, I explored the town with my render distance set to 32 chunks, and then I took some cool screenshots.

    TL;DR: I had to download the world due to EMC's six-chunk render distance cap, which took about two hours and 26 minutes. After that, I went to the singleplayer world to take some screenshots.

    various residences

    corruptedsmile's moon and his residences (other residences are in the screenshots, as well)

    Ahex1021's residence
    SMP8's town spawn

    Lucky's ship, Lucky's casino, BrenJone's Eiffel Tower, and much more.

    /v love

    BrenJone's Eiffel Tower with lights added by me:

    Casa Del Keph

    Blackknight1021's ships

    Luckygreenbird's Air and Space Museum

    Sgt_Pepper4's bulk shop

    "The Timeline Nightclub," made by deceptious

    Minecraft only crashed two times, by the way.
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  2. The Empire City by deceptious

    Sgt's bulk store at night

    The Empire City at night

    A high-up view of the Empire City and Sgt's bulk store

    "The Complex" by deceptious

    "The Complex" with the TImeline Nightclub in the background

    The stern and the bow of the HMS Empire

    My sugar cane farm, which is an eyesore

    MyGrayWolf's sugar cane farm with my sugar cane farm in the background

    Seffy's residences and the edge of the town

    EMC games

    The view outside of the iUlti Mall

    Below is a top-down view of a specific section of the town. All six of my residences can be seen!

    SteveClasher's residences

    khixan's residences (note: the other building was burning down)

    a ground-level view of empty residences and tuqueque's public snow farm

    karkar651's dragon residences

    corruptedsmile's game residence
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  3. Seffy's tea cups

    Hash brown's builds

    AverageWalrus's residences

    The view of the town from my house

    16097 from the iUlti Mall

    the iUlti Mall two residences away

    The iUlti Mall and other residences from the King of The Hill residences

    The view from the top of BrenJone's Eiffel Tower

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    .... and these are the reasons why smp8 is awesome
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