SMP8 - Desert Tropics WIld Town

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  1. Need some people to move in a far off biome with me and build an EPIC town!

    About Me
    A little about me
    I build at LLO, have a SMP3 shop, been apart of other projects. I've helped a lot of people and believe I have a good reputation. I like to think I can build well, and follow instructions. Not the best with redstone, but I can follow tuts well. I love seeing Minecraft timelapse epic builds and want to build something on a grand scale like that.

    Not 100% required but more likely to be accepted.
    -Be mature and active
    -Have MC skill (in building, or redstone or something)
    -Have skype
    -Follows EMC rules

    The Town
    Some details:
    -It has a general desert/oasis/tropical/Arabian theme.
    -Very Large, around 1000x1000 meters.
    -Building with MC 1.4 in mind. (Think about new blocks, uses, item frames, potted plants, etc.)
    -Fully functional (all animal pens, farms, etc.)
    -Exclusive, low population, caring, trusting town of active Minecrafters.

    The previews are just of the camp site to get us started. The primary construction hasn't started yet.

    Main 'Camp' Building
    This is first structure that was built- just to get us started. Info/Update board, enchanting, and to get to storage/lava.

    Main 'Camp' Storage
    This is the starting storage area. Semi-organized.

    Nether Portal
    A quick way to get around (A few thousand meters to town and a quick way to another desert to get sand).

    Humble Farms
    At the moment the farms are enough for breeding and eating. No need for mass production- yet.
    Sheep Pens
    Everything needs to have some kind of aesthetic appeal, even the mini color separate sheep pens.

    Mini Homes
    Just a fancy place to keep beds at the moment.
  2. Nice I'll have a think about it, I'm very busy in MC at the moment... As usuall :p
  3. :D Well, anytime you want to have a chat about feel free to ask whatever/whenever!
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  4. Alright will do ;)
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  5. Don't have to make a commitment right away if you want to just head out. Although it will be a looong trip for nothing if you don't join haha.
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  6. Yeah lol, idk I guess I can come see...
  7. MSG me on SMP8 whenever youre ready.
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  8. Alright ;)
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  9. You know, I can't believe that this thread hasn't gotten much interest...
  10. Me neither. It makes me sad QQ. Even the people that stalk my posts haven't liked this yet. :(
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  11. lol
  12. Here let me be one of those people xD
  13. LOL! xD

    Just finished the starting path through the nether. o.o AMG! Was long. Need rails now T-T
  14. Geeze, it's sounding like it took you years! How long does it take to get from Nether spawn to the base?
  15. Not that long anymore. :D Were you coming?
  16. Yes I'll come in my alt... Are you at Nether spawn? Oh and I don't have anything in the way of armoury :p
  17. An alt, eh? =P

    Yea I'm in town on SMP8 right now, waiting. What is the Alt's name? Also- feel like bringing anything? It'll help =P
  18. I'm online in the server now, where have you gone?
  19. Oh, I got tired off waiting- but I can get back on if you're going to be there. (Can only run around in circles for so long lol)