SMP7's "Pass the Clock"

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  1. Hey Empire,

    There is this new game called, you guessed it, "Pass the Clock".

    This game is currently on SMP7.

    Aim of the game: To not possess the Clock.

    Rules of the game:
    1. You may not give it back to the person that gave it to you(exception if you dont know who this was)
    2. If you dont have the clock, you must run and hide.
    3. No stealing the clock! This means you cant keep if for yourself!
    4. The clock must stay on SMP7 Town.
    5. If you dont not successfully pass on the clock, you are to pick it up again.
    6. If you live on SMP7 Town, you are automatically playing.
    7. You must not leave it at peoples residence unless they are online and NOT afk.
    8. Enjoy!
    9. You must not turn the 'move' flag off during game play. If you wish to be exempt from this, you must inform Highlancer54 or I (jknrlz) so we can maintain control of the game.
    The clock is Named "jkn-HL54 Pass the time". Should you have this clock in your inventory, you are 'it'.

    Creators of the Game: Highlancer54 and jknrlz.

    Have fun!
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  2. I second this game! It is awesome to play. Especially with friends! You have to watch out, otherwise your tricks to rid yourself of the clock will be used against you!
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  3. Your post made me laugh, pun intended? ^^
  4. Oh my. I did not see that :p lol
  5. No, it is a serious post. I don't have the time to waste with jokes.

    (find the other pun yet? If not, don't get all wound up about it)
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  6. Found it.
  7. Lols u missed one! There were really two!
  8. * player gets clock *
    * player steals clock *
    * people are unaware and are still anxious about the clock *
  9. Found the other.
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  10. Great! This will bring me back to smp7! :)
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  11. Ha, the other one was 'dont got the "time" to waste' lols..,,
  12. I cannot play for obvious reasons.