Smp7 Wild Issues

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  1. I have a few issues with the smp7 wilderness so here is the list:

    1. The outposts, I don't like how far the protected areas stretch out. I know it's to prevent griefers from making too many annoying structures but there are resources people need. The same applies for the nether.
    2. Holes, why can't anyone fix these holes? They are just there to prevent you from getting to one place easily. I know this problem may not be fixed, because that's not really the kind of thing staffs would do for the server, it more of the players' job to plug those holes. Maybe I'll try to fix them up myself...
  2. We really need the PRA to be reset then these issues will be void.

    Ill ask justin if theres any chance we can get all servers PRA reset this week (NOTE: That doesnt mean full wild reset, just the yellow box area as the guide says will be periodically reset)
  3. Way to go Aikar, I think everyone would appreciate that!
  4. the pra needs to be a little bit bigger
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  5. Do that after the whole wild reset (in a few months) xD

    *Aikar Note: This post does NOT mean the wild will be reset in a few months, nothing has been decided on that. It might not reset at all!*
  6. We'd need a vote on that, as always. I know of a few places close to the PRA.
  7. What's the PRA anyways?
  8. Periodic Reset Area. If you have any more questions about this, you can find all of the details in the Empire Guide.
  9. Ok thanks.
  10. I honestly think the PRA size is fine... If it was reset even weekly then there would not be much of a resource problem.

    Though, once PRA becomes automated on a schedule expect diamond prices to crash :p
  11. Please be careful on wording, nothing has been decided on a wild reset, but your post makes it look like it has been.

    I added a note to make that clear.
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  12. I know the reason we haven't done PRA resets yet, is after Justin created it, Mojang doubled the size of the height allowance for Minecraft, which screwed up how his code worked. I'm sure it's something that needs to be tweaked a bit, so we'll take a look into doing this soon, once possible. :)
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  13. I sincerely hope that's the case
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  14. Aikar, ICC, I really appreciate the technical updates. I miss getting them from Justin! If the PRA's are reset, is there a possibility that someone can use world edit to patch the bigger holes just outside the PRA? SMP4 is getting pretty bad....
  15. No, the PRA was rebuilt after the new world height, but the way hes doing it now locks the server up for like 30 minutes he said :p

    I've been talking with him about ideas on how to improve the process.
    That would be up to justin but I wouldnt count on it... :3
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