Smp7 Wild Highway!

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  1. So when i was starting in smp7, it was so hard to go from a certain place to another in the wild. The only ways where going to the nether, or to use boats. So i thought, why not building s highway!

    I know that we have the wastelands and all that stuff. But why don't make a little pretty the wild?

    And of course that we have grifers, most of them are noobs in the servers that don't know how to play, but still i will make this highway possible :D.

    I will start the project as soon i gather all the mterials i will need..
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  2. Sweet! SMP7 needs something like this!
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  3. Here are some pics of the highway.

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  4. Just pointing this out - the design in the attatched pictures doesn't look like it has enough lighting to prevent monsters from spawning.
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  5. Yeah I see that, but that is just a prototype, I am still fixing some stuff :D.
  6. The project has began, 4 pillars have been placed! The build is in the server smp7 wild south part :D.
  7. I'd love to help if you need builders or supplies
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  8. 4 pillars more for the highway :D.
  9. love the idea! however i'd suggest against the rails.. more of a target for griefers and people have horses/rocks :p
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  10. What is the route this wild highway will be taking?
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  11. Good question. It will go from the wild center of smp7.
  12. An I can't explain in more details sorry :p, I have only my iPhone with me :D.
  13. Those things suck to type on. And so does my tablet.
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  14. When you type with 10 fingers on tablets it's actually not really that much harder than on a physical keyboard.
  15. I use 2 or 3 fingers on a keyboard I use 1 on the tablet to avoid pressing other buttons.
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  16. Good idea, wrong server (for me at least). How far is this going? And will you have side road and bpat clearance? This could tempet me over to SMP7 as it will make long journeys easier.
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  17. 8 pillars more for the highway!!! Also, i will try to build 8 pillars per day :D.
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  18. Woo! Yay \m/ +1
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  19. Just a thought, instead of starting at the center, why not start at one of the outer spawns so that you can get further out.

    Nice design though.
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  20. Yay! This makes me happy indeed! May you enjoy the best of building! I wish you the best of luck with this project! Love the design! :D
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