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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to tell you about something I built on smp7! So, I have a residence on smp7 allowing people to use things if they need it!! Down below is the information of all these items. I hope you like it :).

    Also, just so you know, some of this information might continue into the comments! Just a heads up :).

    Color Codes:
    Red = Not Done
    Green = Done

    Public Shearing
    Public Anvils
    Public Furnaces
    Public CraftingTables
    Public Chests
    Public Selling Area
    Tree Hut

    Public Shearing:
    This is where I allow people to shear of shop! Yes, I do sell Shears for that reason! The area is not done yet, and will take a while to build. So, it's not ready to be used! It'll soon come out! And when it does, the information on this area will come out!

    Public Anvils:
    This is were I hold anvils so people who can't find any have some! You can enchant, craft, or do anything in the anvils you need! I have 9 anvils set up, so you have practically so much you can enchant your whole set at once!

    Public Furnaces:
    Come on down and smelt your things! We have the material there to do it! This is were I have over 60 anvils so you guys can smelt all your things! So come on down, if you can't find an furnace, smelt it at my residence!

    Public CraftingTables:
    This is were I hold craftingtables so people can craft their tools! I have like 60 so you're gonna have a lot to work with!

    Public Chests:
    Come put your stuff here! Leave it for some of those in need! Come put your trash here if you don't need it! This is were you store things you don't need for people who do need it. Yes, I'll be storing things in there too. But c'mon, we all wanna help the needy in EMC!

    Public Selling Area:
    Come sell your things and get rupees! There are signs on each chest labeling what you can sell! You can even sell your trash if you'd like! So c'mon down and earn some rupees!

    Tree Hut:
    This is were I give out wood, saplings, and all things that have to do with trees! You can buy, sell, and do anything you want with your would here!

    Thanks for reading guys! This is on smp7, with /v +PA. Come on down any time soon and get the items, and do some stuff you've needed to do! Thanks for reading! :)

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  2. This does look helpful though. Thanks!
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  3. You're welcome! And yeah, I thought the same. After all, green is better :D (But not for this thread)
  4. Stopped reading after the first paragraph. That font colour hurts my eyes too much >.>
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  5. You're right, pencil is better colored then blue.
  6. Hey... friendly reminder that all caps are considered yelling here on the forums too, and that is kind of considered rude.
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  7. The Forum Rules say nothing about caps being against the rules and/or rude... :confused:
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  8. :D (my rhyme lives)
    I know, that's why I fixed that. (right before you said it :p)
  9. It'd be nice if you could also take criticism more carefully and thoughtfully than taking your rage out with caps.
    ^ That will do.
  10. F2: Respect everything and everyone(top)

    • Rudeness

    Could be seen as rudeness, because if someone yelled at me or you, we'd probably see it as rude. But that my opinion.
  11. Forum rules apply to the forums, in-game rules apply to in-game, right? And I strongly disagree that caps is rudeness also:

    OMG I GOT A NEW ENCHANTED BOW or THIS IS AMAZING isn't rude at all, obviously.

    What I see from Kitty's post is simply aggravation from countless people calling her out on a font, not rudeness.
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  12. yep. That's why I edited it.
    Edited, for that rule
  13. Ah. Was just a useful tip for future things nonetheless.
  14. Wut...
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