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  1. As many active players on SMP7 know, Mogri and I closed our shop, The Bizarre Bazaar, at 14010 for several reasons that I'll leave out of this thread to avoid conflict. Since our shop closed, we have not seen new shops arise as we had hoped. Because of this, we are looking for a shop that is willing to sell frequently-purchased materials such as logs, iron, diamonds, cobblestone, etc. at a reasonable price to the residents on SMP7. We are by no means looking for someone to build a huge mall. Rather, we would like to see someone start a modest, but useful shop that can later be expanded, because that is how we were when we first started The Bizarre Bazaar. If you are interested, you need to be dedicated to your shop and willing to put in the effort to setup a good storefront with good prices. We do require that you start building a functional and attractive store building and provide images of it to us. If we feel you are heading in the right direction, we can help you build up stock to open the store. However, please keep in mind that we are looking for a person that will be dedicated to their shop for much longer than when the initial stock runs out. Please PM either Mogri or I with the following information:

    Why do you want to open a shop?
    How often do you play EMC?
    What do you do with most of your time on EMC?
    Where have you begun construction on your shop? (attach images if you have any, imgur is a great resource for uploading pictures)
  2. Beaver and Mogri, I don't have neither the time nor the energy to build and stock a fully-functioning shop. However, I do have an idea. What if you guys left 14010 open and set it up so that people could buy and sell there. Then, there would be an awesome looking shop on smp7 that the residents could keep stocked and make some rupees, and also be able to purchase things without searching all of the tiny little or medium sized shops to try and find a reasonable priced and in stock one for each item they need. Just an idea.

    P.S. - I also think you guys should unlock the wool farm so that people (which may or may not include me ;)) can get wool, and you guys don't have to worry about keeping that res stocked, since the sheep stock themselves ;) Also just an idea.
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  3. Your shop was the only good shop on smp7. All the other shops were a rip off or out of stock. You did not have the cheapest prices but you were reliable! Please reopen your shop!!!
  4. *cough* 14566 is going to be a huge success *cough*
    *cough cough cough* it will be ran by Gobstone308 and I *cough cough cough*
    Edit : We will need supplies, we already have the building constructed, we just need to do exterior and interior and put the chests and signs in it. ( we kind of copied you because your SOOO awesome )
  5. so does smp9 so we can say to all the noobs "_____ sells ______"
  6. Will it be stocked all the time? Will it be cheap? Will it sell everything? Will it sell bread?
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  7. Hopefully yes. TOTALLY YES. Everything that can be obtained in SinglePlayer. yes, I <3 Bread.
  8. I'm planning on opening 14417 soon, but I'll need help. The shop cannot be expanded as it takes up the whole res, but it has many empty aisles and I'm always going to operate on a 'craft it yourself' policy, where we only sell non-renewable resources as we mined them in the wild. It would be great if someone could help
  9. Off topic: I'm making a mega shop on smp9
  10. I also try to sell at as cheaper prices as possible, they should be affordable to all of EMC, I play EMC for several hours a day and I will offer all renewable resources for FREE
  11. There seems to be this bad cough going around. Need some medicine?
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  12. I've been hanging out in town lately helping people out when I can, and selling things from zeke1o0o's shop.

    Last week I helped Michael102 get glowstone for his shop and we worked on a drop party room. What I've suggested to he and a couple of other small shop owners is that they cooperate in supplying each others shops.

    Warlock and Mr. Piggy, if you need help stocking or whatever, PM me when I'm online and I'll see what I can do to help you.
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  13. Everyone interested in this opportunity should PM us with your response to the questions listed above in Beaver's post. :)
  14. My new store on SMP7 will be completed in a month or two. :)
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  15. Faster if you'd accept help >.>
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  16. Off topic: I'm almost done my shop on smp8 :3. Just need to do some stocking and wait for 1.3 and get gold. :D
  17. While I've temporarily closed my shop (@ 15064) so I can focus on construction, I'm always looking for shops that buy & sell stuff at a reasonable price as I'm one of the few people who try to work within the freelance system.

    Before 14141 fell into marketing disrepair, I was shopping there by selling the logs I harvested & buy materials I needed to run & expand my operations.

    I'm not online as much as I'd like to really crank stuff out (so stuff is typically turn out at a slow rate or at small quantities). Like I may not be totally loyal to stocking a single shop (being a freelancer), as long as buying prices are reasonable (matching or exceeding my selling price), I'll provide some supplies as they come in.

    As for the "little shop" for commonly-purchased stuff, I already have the framework in place on my lot. The only problem I'm suffering is keeping supplies up & keeping operating expenses in the sustainable range. While I harvest many of the items I sell on site, there's only so much I can do with the time I have.
  18. My shop on smp7 will be complete after 1.3 update I will keep you posted just look for an upcoming thread about my new stores
  19. *coughcough*Me and Biscuit are building a shop on smp8*coughcough*
  20. Sorry, this is for SMP7 only. Thanks for everyone's interest so far. We have yet to find a candidate to sponsor, so please continue to submit your applications.