[SMP7] Mega Mall Jobs

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  1. Mall thread: Yixomua's Mega Mall

    Supplier - PM me on the forums.
    The supplier thread is now here: Suppliers Wanted

    Helper - Talk to me in-game or PM me on the forums.
    You will stock the mall, craft items, brew potions, and enchant items when necessary. You may also be asked to help with other tasks in the mall, such as converting concrete powder to concrete. The pay is per task - there will be a jobs on a board you can claim. You will get access to an automatic potion brewer and concrete converter.
  2. I'm able to supply various blocks. If intrested, PM FadedMartian.
  3. I'm unable to help build atm, as I have a couple projects I need to finish first. But, if I have free time, I could help design. Here's some of my work in case you need to look: https://imgur.com/gallery/iHPfc
  4. I am a fairly good builder, but I am usually busy. Contact me and I will respond during the weekends. I can build u something to prove I am a good builder.
  5. Hi,I can both work for the supplier and the helper. But I'm busy during the mornings and could help on the weekends depending if I have homework. But most of the time I'm not busy.
  6. I can do the designing, I have got a designing buisness going Here all things you might want to know are listed in that thread, also, here is my portfolio: https://imgur.com/a/JxlGD
    I will most-likely take around a month to do the designing, and just to make it clear alredey, I indeed only do singpleplayer designs.
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  7. im a good helper ive been active evry day for a while ill applie for hlelper
  8. If your looking for enchanted book supplier, let me know. I have all enchants.
  9. Jesseqw, it says enchanted books are excluded.
  10. Oops sorry, forgot how to read
  11. Thread has been simplified.