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  1. I'm not hiring ATM as the plans for the mall have changed.

    CATALOG (Download and open with a browser) - Link removed until finalized

    Layout... Done
    Exterior Designing... In Progress
    Interior Designing
    Initial Stocking

    Categorized Shops
    Player Shops
    Supplier Drop-off
    Auction Pickup Room

    Designer Jelle68
    Planner CinemaSins
    Planner PyroComeSpyCheck
    Builder PyroComeSpyCheck
    Supplier Gianluca99Star
    Supplier srhoel
    Helper Harp4Christ
    Helper BluMacow101
    You may be removed if I think you're not going a decent job.

    If you are interested in one or more of these jobs:
    You must be fairly active. Applying doesn't mean you will get the job.
    Read ALL of the information that pertains to you
    Reply to this thread with minimal information
    Talk to me in-game or (preferably) in a PM. In the PM, list details request in the listing and any other information.
    Pay will be negotiated in-game or in a PM.

    Planner - PM me on the forums. **This isn't a paid job
    You will help decide or revise:
    • The quantity or quantities each item will be sold at
    • The price for that quantity or quantities
    • The sell price, if applicable
    You will also cluster similar items together so visitors can easily find items. All floors, categories and subcategories will be turned into residence locations for easy access.
    Supplier - PM me on the forums.
    You will supply block(s) or item(s) of your choice to be sold inside the mall. Keep in mind that I will be selling everything slightly below their average market value. For each block:
    • The name of the block you want to supply
    • The quantity of each shipment, if applicable
    • The price per stack or said quantity.
    You must supply in reasonable quantities. Additionally, it is preferable that you supply similar blocks or items, but it is fine if you don't. One time supplements are allowed - you don't have to PM me for those. Supplies will be requested, there is no recurring cycle. Make sure that the item(s) you want to supply isn't already taken: CATALOG

    Exclusions: Potions, enchanted books, tools, armor, and custom items
    Exclusions: Most plants (not flowers) and animal products
    Exclusions: Most secondary blocks or items - blocks or items that can be crafted from other blocks and/or items
    Designers/Builder - Talk to me in-game or PM me on the forums. *Not hiring
    You will help decide how the mall will look (interior and/or exterior) and come up with the optimal layout for the mall. You can also help build the mall itself. I will give you a block palette (style) and some guidelines, but I'm open to anything. You may be given a building trial.
    Helper - Talk to me in-game or PM me on the forums.
    You will stock the mall, craft secondary blocks, brew potions, and enchant items when necessary. You may also be asked to help with other tasks in the mall, such as converting concrete powder to concrete.
    This job isn't active until the mall is finished. You also get access to an automatic potion brewer.

    Also, feel free to leave suggestions for the the mall or public utilities area.
  2. I'm able to supply various blocks. If intrested, PM FadedMartian.
  3. I'm unable to help build atm, as I have a couple projects I need to finish first. But, if I have free time, I could help design. Here's some of my work in case you need to look: https://imgur.com/gallery/iHPfc
  4. I am a fairly good builder, but I am usually busy. Contact me and I will respond during the weekends. I can build u something to prove I am a good builder.
  5. Hi,I can both work for the supplier and the helper. But I'm busy during the mornings and could help on the weekends depending if I have homework. But most of the time I'm not busy.
  6. I can do the designing, I have got a designing buisness going Here all things you might want to know are listed in that thread, also, here is my portfolio: https://imgur.com/a/JxlGD
    I will most-likely take around a month to do the designing, and just to make it clear alredey, I indeed only do singpleplayer designs.
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  7. im a good helper ive been active evry day for a while ill applie for hlelper
  8. If your looking for enchanted book supplier, let me know. I have all enchants.
  9. Jesseqw, it says enchanted books are excluded.
  10. Oops sorry, forgot how to read