[SMP7] Supplier Wanted for My Mega Mall

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  1. Mall thread: Yixomua's Mega Mall
    Jobs thread: Mega Mall Jobs

    NOTE: Currently, almost all of the items are unsuppliable. Once the demand is accessed, I will start opening up items for supplying.

    To Supply
    Check that the item is suppliable: Catalog. You must be able to supply for a lower (better) price. The items will be requested. Please supply in reasonable quantities. If you have an offer, PM me with these details for each item:
    • Block name
    • Price per item, stack, or quantity
    • How much you can supply
    If you would just like to make a one-time offer, the price can be negotiated in-game or in a PM. It is your choice of how to deliver the items. I reserve the right to change suppliers.

    Items Currently Wanted
    • Ores
    • Vault and stable vouchers
    • Pet spawn eggs
  2. where is your mall?
  3. Non-existent. It will be on my second res when I get around to build it, but here's why it's taking so long.
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  4. Thread has been simplified.