SMP7 Lockup Aware & Being Worked On

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  1. As title states, Justin is aware of the SMP7 lock up and is working on fixing it. Thanks for your patience.
  2. whats happening?

    + 1sst!
  3. He ate it again...
  4. Maybe they are building the secret thing
  5. ICC, SMP9 can't log in - related?
  6. The thing behind obsidian? Pfft, I think its already built. And maybe their unvealing it... :eek:
  7. "Connection lost - end of stream" / "Timeout".

    May just be me but, rest of internet seems ok...
  8. Does this have anything to do with the lock-up?

    I was playing smp7 when there was a lag and I forced exited. When I tried to re-log in, it says " You can be at only one server at a time" when I logged off! Help?
  9. Wow true I'll connect to smp7 when "fixed."
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  10. wich obsidian are you guys talking about?
  11. Nuffin'...... ;D ;D
  12. What secret project are you talking about?
  13. Justin's palace, its hidden behind a giant wall of obsidian. But my lag allowed me to see its basic shape once.

    Edit: Heres a spoiler: It has a giant spherical shape under it.
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  14. Nuffin ;D ;D
  15. Nothing!!
  16. The funny thing is we are all still on the live map as of right now :D
  17. Possibly. Anyone else having trouble with other servers besides 7?
  18. SMP1 and 2 are fine
  19. I can log into Utopia and smp4 just fine.
  20. Now its telling me bad login. -_-