Smp7 Lag Driving Me Crazy

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by deathconn, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. This lag is the worse it's ever been. What gives? It's not just me getting the lag, it's the whole server.
    The lag is getting away from my builds, my work, and it's even affecting chat.

    There is no water source making the water on the outside:

    And you know what, it's STILL there after 10 minutes. I've even tried logging out and back in. I want to know what's causing this insane lag. If it doesn't get fixed my head will explode.
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  2. Do /tps, tell us the number.
  3. It was 14 earlier.
  4. Now it says 17.7 and the water finally went away
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  5. Apparently there is a Spigot issue. Aikar was fixing the smp4 issue and found what may be causing this issue. He is in the process of fixing them now.
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  6. Its horrible the other day i took down my full auto augar cane farm and 10 sec after it reapeared :/ what a pain
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  7. *Calls 911*
    Operator: Whats the emergency?
    Operator: *Hangs up*
  8. Ok I just lost a stack of enderchests due to this...this is really making me angry. Plus I put 8 furnaces down and all of the sudden the flipped around and turned backwards
  9. Today i scared myself to death. Placed a dragon egg and it vanished. I was wondering where it went till it suddenly appeared on the ground in front of me after 10 minutes of pure panic!
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  10. I've been experiencing this on and off for about a week or two now, been driving me crazy. Mostly block and chat lag, all while tps was at or near 20.
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  11. Lol, with this lag i just broke another mouse and key borad because of raging, i have good wifi conection, i have around 35 or 45 fps, and still have lag!
  12. For me it is only chat lag with occasional mini spikes. I think aikar said that it might be a hopper pipeline and he is trying to find out where it could be. it could have to do with the several AFK accounts on here all the time.
  13. Yeah i placed in all my road walls for my new project and BOOM! they all went bye bye. I had to re-do them :(
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  14. your fps is how your client is handling the minecraft graphics and what not. if the server is lagging - you could have 200 fps and still be lagging.
  15. One time, monday, i was in my good pc, 127 fps, i coudln't brake a block for 2 minutes.
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  17. Your Fps doesn't have anything to do with server lag.
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  18. Yes, it's important not to confuse server lag with a drop in framerate, yes, they can happen at the same time, but they are not caused by eachother.
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  19. I lost my voters block due to this a while ago>.< I'm very happy though that the dragon egg came back yesterday, I was kinda stressed when everyone was like "Check your inventories!" and stuff and nobody seemed to have it.
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  20. Did you contact staff? Maybe they can get you a replacement. Yeah, I was worried about that egg :p I just did not know if someone had taken it or if it was genuinely gone!
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