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  1. So, the forum warriors have seen me around and the guys that go to Friday night mining have probably also seen me... as well as just about anyone that plays on smp7 with any kind of frequency... considering I'm unemployed right now(OH THE FREE LIFE!) and have put in countless hours in the almost month I have been on EMC. Considering I never did an introduction thread I figured I would go ahead and say HI!!!

    I'm Gawa. I live in one of the top 15 most populated and largest by land area cities in the US. East coast time zone, I think that's good enough on where I am yeah? I am 27 years old and have a beautiful 3 year old daughter that is just the most annoying... sweetest thing in the world. We have been doing some tutoring and preschool for about a month now(she will always get tutoring from me, whether homeschooled or not). Love her to death.

    I found EMC while looking for, well, EMC. This place is EXACTLY what I was looking for in a Minecraft server and I'm thrilled it was the first I found.

    I am a peaceful soul that loves to hard charge into the unknown. I keep hearing warnings of the nether, don't pay attention, the nether here is AWESOME. Also with "play your way" settings, the mobs are really easy to kill. I have and plan on continuing to lead mining operations on SMP7 having been apart of setting up over half a dozen mining bases already and helping others get past their fear of the nether while undertaking very lucrative exploring through strongholds and learning how to fight off the ever annoying and scary sounding ghasts.

    If you are on SMP7 come by and visit my house, it's definitely unique, if not quaint. I sell discount horses, nothing fancy or too expensive but there is quite a few of them. still working on keeping saddles, people like to buy those up as soon as you get them set out.

    Hope to see you around EMC. <3
  2. Welcome - real glad you're enjoying your time here.

    See you around sometime..

    Happy mining :)
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  3. Welcome to the forums! I LOVE your avatar!! I used to have a Boba Fett skin but I changed it to my Ghost Rider skin instead.
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  4. Nice thread :)
    I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your time here!
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  5. This skin I have on in this selfie was the first skin I used. now I have a collection of boba skins I use. Regular boba, which is probably what you will see most of the time if you play with me. Boba in a suit for formal occasions, weddings, funerals and fancy parties. Lastly I have boba in underwear, for trips to the beach and just a good laugh haha. This picture, my avatar, is probably one of my favorite stills of boba. I hate that the movie displayed the greatest bounty hunter ever to live as being so incompetent, real shame.
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  6. Welcome to the Empire Gawa. Glad you are enjoying yourself. :)
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  7. Boba?

    Anywho, welcome to the Empire!! If you ever have any questions, feel free to ask any of us, and I hope to see you around :)
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  8. That looks like a delicious boba?

    Boba Fett :p
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  9. Oooh, you're online now :p

    Just know that I want them alive, no disintegrations!

    Errr, wait, I dunno where that came from. Sorry ;)

    Anyway, yah, welcome to the forums I guess. Even though that comment is flawed too because you've already been doing your share of posting. Oh dear, problems and decisions....

    Welcome to... the dark side!

    There, that should do it :)
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  10. I hope to run into you in the server. :)
  11. SMP 7 represent!
    And a Star Wars fan too!
    Welcome (even though I'm pretty sure I've seen you on the forums elsewhere) and great to hear you're helping out others. The Nether is pretty scary at first especially if you've had bad experiences in it (like me:rolleyes:).
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  12. Welcome...have been playing on SMP7 for about 2 years now. If you are interested in a Wild group let me know. We are not kids though but have a huge appetite to build and explore and engage in commerce. We have a huge ara in the Wild.
  13. I used to be an Smp7-er, but then the supreme powers of smp8 took me over :p

    Anyways, welcome to the Empire, and I hope to see you around!