Smp7 Dream Mall and Apartment Complex

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  1. Okay everybody,
    I am starting a new project: It will be SMP7's Dream Mall and Party Place.
    I will be posting more information about it as I get more done. My intent is to get the Party Place done by February 19th as that is my 50th day. The Party Place will have a pool ontop for parties. I hope that this will benefit SMP7.
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  2. 50 days and your already proposing a huge build?
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  3. Is that bad? I really like building.
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  4. No i was just saying your brave
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  5. The more malls the better. Make sure to average your prices with other well known shops to get some great deals.

    Btw not trying to disappoint you, but you might not like the apartment rents. I've been here a while and hotels can be awesome for decoration, however they usually have little to no success. Please don't take this wrongly, I'm just trying to give you a fair heads up. . . Good luck ;)
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  6. Oh, thanks!
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  7. Oh, ok thanks!
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  8. Well then, I'm gonna have to have a change of plans. I dont think that im gonna build the apartments, but I will keep the building there and I will make one floor a party room and the other a pool room. I will let people rent out the room and pool for parties. For the party room: I was thinking just like a lounge sortof thing, and then for the pool: Maybe a water slide, a diving board, a bar, etc.
    Please tell me what you think!
  9. So today i totally destroyed almost everything on my res (i have to much stuff to reset it) and we got it done in a couple hours. Thanks to,

    Again, Thank you so much and I should soon start building the mall!
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  10. Just do the mall. Apartments, hotels and any other form of rented homing is a bad idea.
  11. Actually, I wasn't going to do the apartments because I changed my mind, but thanks!
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  12. Can't wait to see it! :D
  13. Thanks! I'm glad to see that someone is that excited about it :)
  14. So my plan was that I wasnt going to make the mall as big as my res because I like building things tall. Does anyone want to suggest something small to build or a kind of decoration for me to build on the outside?
  15. I'd say to make the building centered in the middle of the res and then have some garden sort of thing around it. Maybe a bit of water, some flowers, make it look appealing. If you make the building on one side though, then you can use the other side as a nice garden! :)
  16. I'll have to consider that. Thanks!
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  17. So this morning me and AllenMCStudios have been working alot and we have got the building block shop done, the redstone shop done, and the food shop done. Allen decided that it would be cool to have a pool ontop of the food shop. Also I will have it like a real mall where you can walk around to different shops and there will be walls all around it. We also made the shops each have a theme of whats sold in them. I hope that everybody enjoys these screen shots that I have for you!
    2015-02-17_12.46.58.png 2015-02-17_12.46.34.png 2015-02-17_12.46.20.png 2015-02-17_12.46.13.png 2015-02-17_12.45.56.png

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  18. that was me thank AlterAmp Ltd. Justin and thx for the credit btw guys the water part is gone by the food shop
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  19. So yesterday me and Raspberrrycake got alot of work done. ww2fan168 also helped with the train station/transportation shop. Raspberrrycake did the 2 pixel art shops. Today I plan to be working alot and trying to finish the mall. I plan to have the grand opening either this weekend or the next (I will give more information about it as the time comes). Here are some screenshots for you guys!
    2015-02-18_08.45.15.png 2015-02-18_08.45.20.png 2015-02-18_08.45.32.png 2015-02-18_08.45.54.png 2015-02-18_08.46.02.png 2015-02-18_08.46.24.png
    Again, I thank everybody who has made this build possible.
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  20. Sounds Awesome, Can't wait for the Opening. Sadly Its not on my usual server so i can't always use it, but i can still pop round now and then. :D
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