Smp6... these are the conversations that make it is what it is...

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  1. Well to start off these conversations show up maybe once every 3 days... so why not show one of them?
    Some of these Smp6 conversations.....png
    just for fun those of you who have these types of conversations at times why not post them here to? just for the fun of it!
  2. For those of you that have small screens....
    Some of these Smp6 conversations.....png
  3. Wait? Smp6 Had Conversations? I live on smp6.. So I should be more active
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  4. oh yeah smp6 has a conversation about 2 times a week...
  5. Once you join TTMOF, you learn the true meaning of chat insanity. :p
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  6. no, that's smp8
    what happens in smp8 stays in smp8.
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  7. I think we are all insane. Some people just hide it better than others. All servers at one point were the worst at hiding insanity, and every little while every server shows it.
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  8. Marry a cactus. Then we'll talk. ;)
  9. Aw, sometimes I think I should be active in-game ;)
  10. Yeah...
    We shall never speak of that again.
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