SMP6 I'm Proud of You

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  1. My first landing server was smp6 and this is where I made my home, not long after joining the server I built a shop and since then I have built several shops and malls my main mall is on res 13131, with a sub-mall on smp3 7313. Although I have moved around the servers, smp6 has always had a soft spot for me. It has always remained my home server and is where I feel most at home. Over the past 4 years there has been many changes, ownership, staff and players and I feel that like EMC smp6 has something special which is why I am proud of it.

    Share your thoughts and why are you proud of smp6?
  2. I'm also a SMP6-er too. And I have to say that I love it there.

    Sure, we may have few public utilities, it might be quiet at times and we may have random PvP request? But it's quite peaceful there or at least, at times when I am online. We have some mega malls, Anon and some other great members of the community like We3_Nub, Haxore, MadXavGray, etc. XD

    Of course, I tend to spice up the silence of the SMP chat with some of my weirdness... RaiinNL might be a victim to that yesterday but hey, at least I tried. :p Anyway, I might have scared some people off with my ceaseless talking too. XD

    But my point is that it's peaceful there. People are friendly enough, even though I might annoy them. We have PvP arena, we have malls with good prices. Most importantly, we have KindlingFire in SMP6! :D (I'm being a narcissistic there. Of course I'm not that great of an addition)
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  3. Why do you think Smp6 is so great
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  4. I spawned on SMP6 so it became home by default, but what's not to like? It may be a little quiet at times but people so far seem friendly and helpful.

    We have some great shops and malls, and it seems more on the way. We will have an incredible museum one Finch is done, the PVP arena, and some great builds out there. Hopefully members will build some activities in the near future.

    Sure, it doesn't have all the public utilities yet, but they will come, and helping to create them would make smp6 fun to be a part of. That's why I decided to create a directory here after seeing some on the other servers, as I think they are a great idea. Make certain you let me know of your Mall, shop, activity and so forth eh!

    SMP6 has been good so far, and I am definitely there to stay. :cool:
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  5. I have supported SMP6 a few times now. Although, I come from SMP5.

    I made my first Campaign-Class Public Enderman Farm on 6 (currently "featured thread"), and I redesigned The End Bridge that extends from Wild Frontier Spawn to an End Portal. An iconic structure marks the gateway to The End.
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  6. Boomp
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