smp6 fps lag?

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  1. At /v 13331 and /v 13332 my FPS drops to 3, and I dont get why. All other servers are fine. Can someone please fix this?
  2. Firstly, you need to test if the low frames happen at those residences or the server as a whole.
    Then you might get an idea of what's to blame.
  3. Just those res's
  4. They might have some redstone or fireworks going off then.
  5. Try looking at the surrounding residences, these may be the causes
  6. Do these happen to be near Finch's Town Spawn res? Something he has on it causes a massive amount of lag
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  7. Finch has a 500 item sorting machine.

    I only have 10 jeb sheep
  8. and just looking in its general direction takes me from 40 fps to 3
  9. Sounds like hoppers then
  10. finch also has alot of lighting lag from random dark spots that were world edited in its a laggy bunch of reses in general for lower processing power computers
  11. Also, if there are a bunch of item frames with items in them in one spot, it drops FPS tons also...
    Found this out the hard way on my own res. (went from 110 to 8fps).
  12. Wait so dark areas can cause lag? Cause in some spots of my res im getting like 10 fps at times. :(

    A while back at first I thought it was torches, so I did away with a lot of them. It is suppose to help a bit to have glowstone/jack o lanterns instead but not by to much. Then thought maybe it was the running water from my waterfall but was told later on that my design wasn't giving off to much lag. Then thought signs so I did away with quite a few signs. Then about chests. Well I still have lots of chests and can't really do away with to many of them.

    Also redstone can cause problems to I know but I barely use any at all and none of it runs at all unless player interaction.

    Oh and also void fog apparently which idk how else to fix that.

    And then since item frames that has been a new one to blame lag on. Since if you have a lot they cause lag sometimes? Well I have quite a few of those now but in only one spot.

    So now dark spots also can cause lag? Anything else?

    And could any mods/admins?who are good with figuring out lag problems maybe help me out sometime?
  13. I didnt see anything that would cause major lag on or around those res. I didnt even get lag with my laptop. Try getting optifine. The only thing might be the redstone and hoppers u have, which is quite a bit.
  14. And that massive pointless akf machine