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  1. Hi there all! SMP5 has renovated its public farms, and I would like to remind you that they are there. These were taken over from NZScruffy, a retired player on EMC. So far, there are two farms.

    The Iron farm
    The iron farm was created by NZScruffy. It has sixteen villages (which I think is the max) and works fairly efficiently. To begin gathering iron, simply stand on the stone pressure plates, which disables the hoppers that go into the lock chests. The lock chests are there for when the staff is working and collects all the iron that is farmed.
    For staff purposes, the following players have full access to do builds and repairs at SMP5's public iron farm:

    Please only place locked chests in places that are directed. The iron farm does not have a chest room. It will be added shortly.

    The gold farm
    The gold farm was built by fBuilderS and Missfable. Though it is not as efficient as SMP8's pigmentus, expansions will be made shortly.
    Once again, for staff purposes, the following players have permission to make edits and repairs at SMP5's public gold farms.

    Please only place chests in the chest room. We want the entire place to be neat and friendly. Do not create your own expansion if there is no more space.

    If you have donations to make towards the SMP5 public farms, please follow the following instructions:
    Items: Please place the items at 11078@Donations! It's a named tp, so be sure to include the @donations part!
    Rupees: Please pay rupees to _cTJ_ with the reason SMP5 PF. Thank you!

    Donations made:
    Khixan-10,000 Rupees
    Nighthawk3846-40,000 Rupees

    How to get to the Iron Farm...
    1. Go to SMP5
    2. type /fnether
    3. Turn right
    4. Walk down the tunnel until you get to the stone brick section
    5. Go into the either of the first two portals!
    Continue to the gold farm?
    6. Take the rails to the end
    7. Go up the minecart elevator
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  4. what's the next project you guys have planned? I could help!
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  5. Mob grinder (biggest one on EMC) and guardian farm are well underway
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  6. Just give me a shout for what you need and I'll contribute materials or come and help out (I love to dig)
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  7. Go TJ and crew :)
    I suggest adding to the OP a policy regarding multiple locked chests (and put up messages at your builds about it). I regret not having thought of that for smp8 Public Wild Utilities, and it wound up causing problems. We now have signs placed at all the builds (I hope we do) stating that each player is provided one locked chest at each public build. An additional chest may be locked by that same player for a group (no alts). Any additional locked chest must be obtained by contacting me. They can be earned through time/labor, rupee donation, or materials donation. Hope that helps you. Wish I had realized it in advance!
    So, wanna build another locked chest room at 3 Grinders anyone.... :rolleyes:
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  8. On a side note why do we need this thread?
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  9. Because we want people to know abt these well, no?

    Ala bumpé
  10. Tj! You forgot the slime farm! :p

    Was made by NZScruffy
    And there is currently a slime farm sanctuary made by InfernalDevice. But currently is maintained by me, ThatSillyJohnKid, SkeleTin007, and BlueJay007
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  11. The slime farm doesn't have anything to do with us. We don't maintain it
  12. I will add that, as this thread is for all of the SMP5 farms. Where is it?
  13. Bump! Anybody can use the public farms, and they're easily accessible!
  14. He had no authorization to even make this thread, let alone take donations for us. And no I'm not back
  15. Very well. I shall have this thread closed.
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