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  1. I decided to consolidate my efforts for Hitman Industries on one server. Got myself 2 res' side by side and started building. I am still not sure what the end result will look like but so far it's working out well. I have thought about what to do with the building once it is completed above and underground and i came up with four main products/services.

    1.Bulk Shop
    2.Redstone Tutorials
    3.Building Tutorials
    4.Scientific Experi......i mean research :cool:

    In addition to sharing my plans and photo's i am looking for a few design consultations as i am currently tapped out of ideas with the main building. If anyone would like to help in that department let me know and we can set up a time to do a walk through.
    2014-01-05_19.19.28.png 2014-01-05_20.18.45.png 2014-01-06_14.26.24.png 2014-01-07_13.21.20.png 2014-01-07_14.02.29.png 2014-01-13_11.24.38.png

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  2. Finished the front facade, now on to the sides and back.
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  3. What do you mean by redstone and building tutorials?
  4. exactly what it says
  5. Added some courtyard action :p
  6. Just finished one of the fountains in the courtyard
  7. I am a neighbour to this o.o
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  8. :p
  9. My thoughts too. I can see my supermessy res in the background. >.<
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  10. Looks freaking amazing Haer :D
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  11. Lol, im cleaning up my res because i want to completely redesign it
  12. I like it! The design is awesome! If you get certain bulk items I buy, I'll certainly stop by!
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  13. Sounds good. If you need help on the farm building I'm here!
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  14. I would like to order an assassination on Todd_Vinton please.
  15. It's going to be a bit till i open shop, i want to have the entire res finished so i can completely focus on the shop operations.
  16. Me too, but it's going slow. :p
    You can still do the assassinations. :3
  17. Very true
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  18. Did some work on the back part of the base level

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  19. I need help with a decision because i like them both so time for a Public Vote, please visit my first res and vote for only 1 of the 2 choices.
  20. I should really remember not to post things after midnight, no one is on to see them :p