smp5+ coming soon

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  1. Thanks for being patient everyone, I know we are frequently hitting our max players on all the SMP servers. The reason we haven't launched smp5 yet is because we reached a few limitations. We need to expand the EMC platform to more physical dedicated servers in order to support more game servers. This isn't as simple as just adding more physical servers because of the unique nature of the EMC platform (all the integrated server stuff). I finished talks with the hosting company and they are preparing the proper setup so we can expand properly. Hopefully smp5 should be in about a week (by next weekend, not this weekend).

    Another piece of good news is that I have been consulting with a systems administrator that specializes in high performance Java servers. I believe we will be able to get even better performance out of the servers and we will be testing a few tweaks with smp5.

    Thanks everyone and happy mining!
  2. Sweet! Can't wait to see the Empire grow! I got here shortly after SMP3 had launched and so much has changed. Its amazing. I can't wait to see what is next.
  3. Fantastic stuff Justin, can't wait :)
  4. Who will get the dragon egg on smp5?
  5. I am actually considering removing that before we launch it. Every time we launch a server it turns into a big drama. At some point we will implement some sort of setup that allows it being reset. In its current state it doesn't really make sense for multiplayer.
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  6. Well, us staff could simply go to The End and kill the dragon ourselves, leaving the egg there. Then, whoever gets to The End first gets the egg, no dragons involved and thus there is no "I did more damage!"

    There is one egg.
    There is one end.

    It's all about who gets there first.
  7. Me gusta : D
  8. Just remove the egg, to much drama for a trophy.
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  9. Sounds goo Justin More servers =more space=more players that can play=less wait time
  10. We could do the opposite too, remove the egg and leave the dragon :p
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  11. Perhaps it could be kept it in a public part of town, as something like a monument?
  12. great idea, i know the shawnzup's friend has all four non supporter eggs and it seems unfair that they have them, it should be emc property, i personally would kill the dragon for xp not a "worthless" egg.
  13. Maybe an Egg should be a prize for completing a certain taks pertaining to the End like collecting a certain amount of items strategically placed in the End, I'm just throwing suggetions around but obviously you and Senior Mod's have the power to spawn the egg making them a GOAL for everyone to have, and make it like oh I have an egg so, Make it a certain title or insignia in forums or something along those lines; so that it is prestigious.
  14. since everyone wants the egg, it could sell for like 20k to 60k in my opinion

    and if you earned the egg, it should stay yours :)
  15. We're did you get the egg??
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  16. i dont have one? i just think that if someone earns it, they keep it

    and dont have an egg........... maybe
  17. And what does it do?
  18. nothing, it proves that you are a true warrior, and overcame the challenge of the enderdragon :D
  19. It would make for an epic auction...
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  20. How much would it go for?