[SMP4 RULES] smp4 Rules

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  1. smp4 rules, smp4 is the best of the smp's
    Let the battle of smp's start.
  2. It's not even close. Smp4 all the way!
  3. Uhhh........I........Uhhh.......TOOO MUCH PRESSURE! *quits*
  4. Moonglum_ you are so right after SMP4 comes SMP2 am I right!!!!
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  5. Simple subtraction states SMP8 is 4 better than SMP4 :p
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  6. What are the rules for smp4? :rolleyes:
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  7. your right I will update OP. To make it clearer to all the none smp4 players
  8. Duh, SMP4 all the way. <3
  9. Ayy SMP4, EMC Kings
  10. Smp4 is the best! Originally I spawned in on smp3. It was almost silent! So I decided to jump on over to smp4. My first res was on smp4 too! Due to the fact I didn't spawn in with a res at the time (we weren't given a res when we joined back in the day ... AKA 1 year and a bit ago). So smp4 totally is boss... smp8 is just weird... At smp4, We're social and you get noticed easily! No-one, and I mean No-one, Is left out!

    So all you smp4-ers, You rock hard-core! And you smp8-ers, Come 'ere and lets have a group hug you weirdos!
  11. I dont go in game much, but SMP4 will always be the server that me and my sister call home :p
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  12. Pfft.... If you think smp4 rules then you haven't heard of the most epic thing called smp5
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  13. That's like saying SMP3 is active.
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  14. You are wrong Sir/Ma'am SMP4 Is AMAZING! And No-One Can Deny~ (Yes I just made a song reference)
  15. SMP9 and SMP2 my only homes.
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  16. I will borrow this rule for my home server of SMP9... SMP9 is 5 better than SMP4 ;)

    In all seriousness, I like all of the SMPs for separate reasons and there's not a single one that's outright superior to another. There are some that are superior in certain aspects (e.g. amount of malls, etc) but when it comes to the people that are there and the places that you can visit, each one has its perks and you'll never come to a decent conclusion about which server is best :)
  17. Then smp4 could be your holiday home ;) *hint, hint*
  18. Buuuuut~ I know how we can decide fairly which server is best... Lets get Aikar in the convo so he can decide which one of his children (the servers) he likes the best. AKA which one is the best child in the family :p
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  19. Buuuuut, no :) That still wouldn't be "fair". Aikar lived on SMP1 primarily before he became the lead developer/owner I believe, so while that's his home, he probably wouldn't choose a favourite...

    As I said, each are good for different things :D You make it sound like you'd choose one of your children as a best one when/if you have children... >_>
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