SMP4 Project Is Going To Be A Contest

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  1. I have not settled up all the details, and I am not ready for this to start yet, but we are going to have a contest to see who all joins the Founders of The Smp4 Project in building this beauty!
    I will probably not reply much to this thread, as I am doing this to get your feedback as a community. I will be taking it all in and seeing how much of it lines up with what I am looking for in this project.

    Here are things I CAN tell you:
    * You will create your designs in single player or a creative server
    * You will submit photos via an Imgur file
    * The founders and I will pick the first round.
    * You will then be eliminated based on other factors until we are down to the number of designs we need

    You will be given the details of what I am looking for to base your projects off of. I have a very specific idea of how I want this to look and you will get to see the wall in which the city will be surrounded.... :)

    Until then... start putting those thinking caps on and be thinking city within the city of smp4. I love bright and white and glass and glowstone. Other materials will be within the project but the outsides I want this theme... :)

    I will be giving more details very soon. :)
  2. I am excited to see it!
  3. I think I may do this, so something built? I'm KINDA confused.
  4. You build something on single player or creative server. Us founders rate it. Robbie gets the last say. But she want's it as white as possible. Going along with glass/snow/glowstone etc. If we like it, you will be accepted into the community to build part of the city.
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  5. Sounds awesome! (and yes paranoid I'm still alive XD)
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  6. Think of things that would go into a city.
    A famous old building from your home town
    A bright new creative piece from your mind
  7. You should probably add more details into the OP :p

    So basically we build anything we want and you judge it? :D
  8. Yes, I believe whatever you want. Then we judge, Robbie gets the final say. Then you get access to the test server we have for this, build us a build that follows Robbie's guidelines. And she will have the final say in if it goes into the city or not.
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  9. Surely there would be a size limit?
  10. sort of, if possible keep it a little smaller then 60x60. But for the first build, really it's just for us to see your building skills. But if you get accepted in, you will get even more information on exactly whats going on with the city.
  11. I Love Having You Help Here ImParanoid... and Alex... there will be more details soon... :)
  12. I know, I'm just a giant help, aren't I?
  13. I'm currently building something In my single player world to enter the contest I'll post screenshots when I'm done :).
  14. You just wanted to make my day, didn't you? Well, only if modern or futuristic is allowed...
  15. Hey *EDIT* R0bbieJo, (honest tired mistake :p)

    is it Ok if I send in a tower thats on SMP 1? Or do you want it to be built specificly for this purpose?

    **Edit** A tower built by me ofcourse :)
  16. Can we build on creative?
  17. ''* You will create your designs in single player or a creative server''
  18. Margaritte? :p
  19. I read the title as
    "SMP4 is a contest" haha.

    Will definitely enter once i've finished with a map i'm making for another server.
  20. I suggest keeping them to yourself.... you don't want anyone getting a hold of it before it is entered...
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