SMP4 Project Is Going To Be A Contest

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  1. erm, srry, im a bit tired, lemme edit that XD
  2. The first build is just for us to see your building potential. Then whoever or a couple people will get accepted into the server, which you will then build another build pertaining to Robbie's greatest desires of this city... Then she still has the final say if it gets accepted into the city or not.
  3. Alright: my participation res 1211 SMP 1
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  4. I will do it!
  5. Well I see Robbie has seen it, but I'll make sure the rest of us minor judges know it's up. Thanks for entering sir.
  6. Sry for the double post, but we don't have Movement on 1211 Eclipsys.
  7. Noone has move there, and Faithcaster hasnt been on in days. The build is on hold since I cant find the materials required and the container flag for me on 1111 doesnt work. Heres another entry then:

    You know I'm a skilled builder:)
  8. We all know you're a skilled builder. :) doesn't mean you don't have to have an entry though sir. No freebies. :)
  9. Not meant in that way. But since my original entry isnt finished yet I thought I'd give you the IMGUR. Does the IMGUR suffice?
  10. Nice, I would enter but I'm a bit busy doing other things unfortunately... I'll try to enter but no promises ;)
  11. More details plz >:U
  12. Well I must admit I forgot about this thread recently. Too bad I suck at building. Anyways good luck to those who are entering!
  13. Read through the posts, I'm pretty sure I added many more details than what was in the main post. Check my first post, I add in the blocks Robbie wants in this build, and some of my other posts add in more details.
  14. I read all the posts but I still don't know the size. i'm building a 60x60 project.
  15. One of my posts says that the size doesn't matter, but it would be better in the 60x60 area. We just want to see your building skills, but make sure to use White blocks/glass/glowstone. Is the most important blocks that Robbie wants in the build.
  16. Ok :) Finishing it.