Smp4 is dead

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  1. Soo I returned the other week hoping to return to a thriving smp4 community like it always used to be.

    But now nobody talks there it's literally dead.

    It may look like there is a lot of people on, on smp4 but in reality it's just filled with SkareCboi's alts :p

    So I'm asking two things today.

    When did it turn like this and why?
    And can the clever codey people like set smp4 as default for a day just to get more people on there, that talk!

    Wait that's 3 things but nvm

    Ps idk why I'm saying this but please no comments like cuz smp1 is better or something like that cuz that's not what this is about.

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  2. I'm probably a little bit to blame for this :eek: But just a little bit ;)

    I may or may not have asked a player from SMP4 to help me out with a guide, which they did, and that resulted in them spending quite some time on SMP2. We're also combining a few events together which will be held on my Utopia res. so to make matters worse we're also spending some time there building!

    Now, I'm not pretending that they can make or break the chat, but I'm pretty sure that they'll try to keep it going a bit. They're usually talking as far as I know.

    Considering the dire nature of the server I'll see if we can change our schedule a bit. So instead of going full Utopia we'll also try to finish our stuff on SMP4 (the event I'm talking about, a treasure hunt, will take place on SMP2, SMP4, Utopia and most likely also a Wasteland location of a yet to be decided server).

    And there's more... Next week (I think) we're planning to try and organize a European Mining event, which means so much as FNM but on a more suitable European time (nothing is certain yet, but right now the planned timestamp sits around 17:00 - 21:00 CET, which accounts for 11:00 - 15:00 EMC time).

    Location? SMP4 wastelands, we're still looking for a suitable spot. So maybe that will help too.
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  3. I must say that smp4 is some what "dead" throughout some time in emc but there are a few hours in the night that it talks a lot!
    Then you have me and hxcami10 that talk way to much... :)
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  4. same with smp1. Smp1's economy is dead I mean killed
  5. you are all commenting during "down times" so I'm guessing you play during these times and really, unless something big has happened on emc (update to new version or something like anti-griefing update) there is usually at least 4-5 servers that have literally no one on them. like 2-4am emc time the sloww really starts and it doesn't really pick back up until 8-10am depending on the day. unfortunately im well aware of this because thats when i play the most for like the past 4 months ;-; I usually hang out on 7 and we definitely have people that actively play during this time but I look at who is on on all smps semi-regularly and if you arn't on 2,7,8,9 or utopia then there probably isn't much going on during that time. sure it could be changed a little but its just unlikely to happen. if someone plays during these times, why would we send them right off the mark to a smp that has no one that will ever be there to play with them. that doesn't make much sense to me. maybe getting the players, like shell is talking about, from those smps to try and branch out but... even those smps don't have many people on them during these times. To REALLY get population during this time we would need to recruit more aussies and new zealanders, I have no idea about how to go about that, especially since minecraft is kinda dying.
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  6. I think it depends on the time of day. When I'm on in the afternoon (EMC time) it's almost always active.
  7. This is what I have noticed as well. It tends to get more active at about 3-4 PM EMC time.

    Other than that, it's mostly quiet players or Skare ;)
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  8. Until the afk kicks come around, then skare makes the chat very active :p