SMP4 is approaching 3 years of age!

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  1. Hello!

    As the title says, SMP4 is nearly 3 years old! It was found on the 20th of December 2011 (I joined it on the 5th of Jan 2012 ;))

    Please feel free to share any memories or thoughts about SMP4 from it's long running time period :)

    I remember my first day. I joined and had only just started Minecraft (about a week if not less before joining). SMP4 was the suggested server as it was the newest so I joined. I wandered around hoping to understand what to do when I walked into someones castle. They had broke a chest and gave me a lot of items. I didn't understand what I was doing but stumbled onto the residence 9140 which then became my home (now owned by my BFF, SheIsNice). I lived there for quite a while, went diamond and with my friends/family started claiming the reses in the area and we made it look nice. I left and people got banned etc. and it's now me, SheIsNice and Jake_bagby in what I call the 9140 area ;)

    Anyway, long story short. I have been on SMP4 my entire EMC life and will not leave!
  2. I moved my second residence there in August 2014 at the suggestion of mba2012 (I think...) and you.

    That's all I can really say since I don't play there all too often ._.
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  3. Probably not me :p I wasn't playing then xD
  4. Mba made outpost. Called Sunstreak. Threw me there to build stuff.
    Still kept building.
    Avalon was created by nfell. Mystery force threw me there. Built 3 buildings to there. It died.
    Made a mountain at Sunstreak. Still kept building like some maniac.
    Made this with pen
    It died too.
    Susntreak started to die.
    Took over 2 abandoned projects. Finished them.
    Did changes.
    Mba went all dictatorship.
    Mba blocked immigration.
    Jake is the last person who did something at that outpost.
    Sunstreak died.

    Sunstreak is mah playground. Spent major of time being lonely there. 'cuz timezones.
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  5. Well, I call smp4 home. Nothing in particular to share outside out of that.
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  6. Other than it being the best server ever? ;)
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  7. SMP4 was my date to prom. The server stood me up :/
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  8. SMP4 is totally amazing and it received a lot of surprise visit but i love how firefloor takes place there but i do have to say there are many banned players and derelict players and that makes me feel sad ):
  9. Yeah, I should do something with sunstreak :p