Pirate assasin's club!

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  1. Aaar matey! Ye read it right! This is the PIRATE ASSASSIN'S CLUB!
    Eh, didn't heard it? Go clean yer ears! Because this is PIRATE ASSASSIN'S CLUB!
    This club is meant to gather all the pirate assassin's and have FUN!

    Our HQ will be in the Sunstreak Island Harbor!

    All Pirate assassin's should consider joining this fun club!
    Yer only simply a assassin? Doesn't matter! Ye still can join!
    Yer a true simple Pirate? Ye still can join!

    The crew:
    Jakres - Da captain
    penfoldex - First club lad!
    NINJATTILA - Second club lad!
    Curundu - Cuthroat Curundu
    Jimbonothing64 - Blood crazed lad.
    Mba2012 - Youngest lad.
    cddm95ace - Sailor pirate
    Creeper655 - Swordsmen pirate
    technologygeek - Techno pirate
    HylianNinja - Red Mask Mate
    Nole972 - Mr.PirateMiniGirMoose
    Chascarrillo - Santiago ArderĂ­us
    SparerToaster - BronyToast lad
    maask12345 - Masked assassin
    Jake_bagby - Welsh pirate
    Hashoog3000- Fiercest pirate

    (New: Now you can make you own nickname! If not given , i will think of something)

    Whatca waiting for!? Join the Pirate assassin's club!

    Current harbor progress:

    Spread the love!

    (Inspied by ACIV and penfoldex having ACIV pic as his profile pic)
    (Btw, look at the web address, this is the 23k thread)
  2. Yarr Mate Can I join yer crew?
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  3. Yar ye can!
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  4. Current to-do list.
    Build a dock/harbor.
    Build a ship or two.
    Build a tavern. (With a pig pen)
    Make a Port Royal?
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  5. Arr, this be a beautiful free haven for pirates such as me-self. If you are looking for a topman with wings on his heels, you need look no further than Cuthroat Curundu.
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  6. Yaaar! Ye in!
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  7. Arr mates, this here proposition tickles me ol wood leg, but where be these Sunstreak Isles ye speak of?
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  8. *changes language to Pirate Speak.*
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  9. ...
    Yer be sailing with the ship or no?
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  10. Maybe, where is this bay in the Sunstreak Islands?
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  11. So, ye be sailing with the ship or boat?
  12. Um... Maybe... :p
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  13. Make up Yer Mind! :p
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  15. Lad, is yer message is augmented?
    Yer sum sort of livin' robot wood?
  16. Yar lots of blood to meharteys
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  17. Lad, we are no pirate vampires. Unless its a ketchup.
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  18. Hmmm
    Pirate Assassins
    Saw on FB AC4 with pirate assassin....
    Anyway related?
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