[SMP4] 9000mall Opening

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  1. 9000Mall is officially open!

    Hello everyone,

    We’re here to bring you some good news. Pascal and I have been working on the 9000mall for quite some time. We’ve had some unexpected downtime and things took a little bit longer than we expected, but it is definitely worth the wait. And this week, we are opening the mall again!

    Why did you make changes in the 9000mall?
    The mall had outdated prices and missed a lot of new items/blocks.
    We were low in stock due to the outdated prices and figured that stock is the most important part. In the new design we focused more on keeping stock to serve you better.

    What are the 9000mall features?
    -Bulk Buy & Sell area
    The brand new bulk area is our newest feature and a symbol to what we think is most important. It will offer discount on products for buyers and give bonuses to those who sell in bulk. You can buy and sell massive amounts here, up to 6,5 double chest per item.

    -Free to use Enchanting Table, Anvil, Crafting Bench and Enderchests.
    Due to popular demand this feature makes it’s return in the new mall. An enchanting table will serve those who want to enchant up to level 30. In addition to that, we placed Anvil’s, Crafting Benches and Enderchests to serve you best.

    -Easy to use Teleport Area.
    Gone with the confusing Teleport Area’s in other shops, the Teleport Area at the entrance of the 9000mall will definitely help you navigate you through the mall and enhance your shopping experience. On each floor are teleports to all the other floors, so no need to jump from floor to floor anymore. Just use the designated Tele-area on the floor you’re on.

    -Ready for the 1.7 update!
    Closely following every single snapshot, we update our floors after every sign of change.
    As soon as the 1.7 update comes out, we are already trading the new items in our mall. No need to look any further!

    When is the 9000mall opening?
    This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Sunday (22 September) on 19.00 PM GMT+0, we’ll set move to true. We hid some gifts around the mall as a little surprise. Are you lucky enough to find them?

    See you next Sunday!

    ~ bloodra1n & pascal1881

    2013-09-16_21.00.02.png 2013-09-16_21.01.41.png 2013-09-16_21.03.35.png 2013-09-16_21.09.55.png 2013-09-16_21.10.17.png 2013-09-16_21.10.25.png

  2. Sounds good =)
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  3. Looking foward to see the return of 9000! As an SMP 4 'all timer' It was a great mall in it's hey day and hopefully it will regain it's popularity, which i'm almost sure it will! :D
  4. Yes! I loved your mall before, I am sure it will be even better now!
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  5. Only 5 days before opening of the mall on smp4! I added pictures at the end of the main post!
  6. Cool! Can't wait to check it out! :D
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  7. Bulk buy/sell areas? Easy to navigate mall? Sounds awesome, it's always nice to have another mall on smp4! :)
  8. I'm glad that you use those different teleport systems with water above them-I often stand on the wrong plate in other malls.
  9. Only about 2 days and 16 hours left before opening!
    Make sure that everybody knows that the 9K mall is back!
  10. Only about 2 hours left! Are you guys ready!?

    Hopefully the minecraftservers will be up soon! :S
  11. I can't login as logins are still down! :eek: Is the event going to be postponed?
  12. We are experiencing this issue aswell. As unfortunate as it is, we are trying to log in for now, and we are secretly hoping that mojang fixes this within the next 10 minutes...
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  13. Announcement: 9000Mall will be open in 30 minutes.
  14. Apologies for those who are waiting for us to open the mall~!

    Mojang is experiencing technical difficulties, so if you try to login, you get an error.
    Gather on smp4 when you can, we will open the mall within,... ( as soon as I can get online myself aswell xD)
  15. opens mega-mall can't, have grand opening because of Claptrap integrating with the servers. lul
  16. I'll be sure to check it out and add it to the 15250 shop list!
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  17. 9000Mall is officially open!
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