[BUYING] Cobble, Stone, Logs, Wool

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  1. Make lots of K’s now!

    Pascal and I have been very busy the past few weeks renovating the entire 9000mall.
    And this weekend we plan to open it for everyone. However, we are still piling up on stock and you can help!

    What can you do to help?
    We are willing to buy up to a Total of 3 DC of the main materials.
    We buy those materials for the following prices:
    Cobblestone : Stack 12r, SC 324r, DC 648r
    Stone: Stack 28r, SC 756r, DC 1512r
    Sand: Stack 32r, SC 864r, DC 1728r
    Netherrack: Stack 28r, SC 756r, DC 1512r
    Logs: Stack 100r, SC 2800r, DC 5700r
    Wool: Stack 90r, SC 2500r, DC 5100r

    To sell your materials in bulk, set up a chest for me to pick it up.
    I will pay per stack, SC or DC. Payment is made directly after pickup.
    PM me on the forum using this format:


    The grande opening is Sunday (22 September) on 19.00 PM GMT+0

    For more information: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/smp4-9000mall-opening.30401/#post-583429

    Thanks in advance!

    ~ bloodra1n
  2. Bump! Only 5 days left before the official opening! Still lots of K's to make for you guys!
  3. item: stone Brick
    amount: a DC
    price: idk give me an offer
  4. I can sell you a lot of any kind of log once my tree farm is finished.