SMP3 Strikes Back

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will smp3 make it to be the top server on empire

YES. for sure 9 vote(s) 29.0%
NO. not a chance 15 vote(s) 48.4%
MAYBE. we will see 7 vote(s) 22.6%
  1. SMP3 strikes back.
    SMP3 isn't really know for much but we hope to change that.
    here is a list of stuff that we have. remember smp3 is still in development.

    • EMPIRE events

    1. SMP3 amusement park at /v fun

    2. Fist Fight at /v fistfight

    • SMP3 malls/shops

    1. TheDarkModRises at /v 6655

    2. SMP3 outlet mall at /v 6697

    3. TheAussieMall at /v 6484 or /v +TAM

    4. SMP3 mall at /v 6019

    5. SMP3 Banner shop at /v 6141

    6. REDFOX BULK at /v 6137 or /v +REDFOX

    • must see residences

    1. fun house at /v 6343

    2. promo museum at /v 6009

    3. Exodus castle at /v 6920
    • public untilities

    1. public stone generator at /v 6484
    2. TREE FARM at /v 6333
  2. Smp3 for life!
  3. SMP what? 3?

    *looks at wiki*

    Oh, it exists. TIL
  4. Once I get supporter, I will get another residence on smp3 and start working towards the top.

    I'm still experimenting with this new photo editor. Its awesome. :)
    Don't forget Gage's public tree farm.
    And the Public wool farm.
    And the hall of heads, there are like 500+ heads.
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  5. Ya know its quite sad, the amount of hate those of us that strive and survive on SMP3..... why is that exactly... oh that's right because people are jelly of our awesomeness!!!
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  6. Well no more wool farm :( lad moved on:(
  7. I have public utility's at 6049 on smp3! ^-^
  8. ofc ur gonna make it 2 the top. smp3 is already in the server top3, thats a good start ^.^
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  9. what??????????? :( Thats sad to hear
  10. Sad to hear that smp3 is crumbling
  11. thedarkmodrises is from smp6, js
  12. Sush! We still have active players like.... ummm.... shrinkingmatt! and ummm well fine, we crumbled a looong time ago
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  13. smp5 is my home, all 4 of my residences are there and they'll all in one straight line. smp5 should be one of the ones on top simply because... well.. we have shavingfoam and his shop. :D Then there's me with my shop, you could buy a stack of melon slices for only 4r in my shop!
  14. I still love being on smp3. :cool:
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  15. Lets not sabotage their thread like 8 did to us ;)
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  16. What is this 'smp3' you speak of?
  17. I am from smp3 and I'm not gonna lie, we are the quietest server, I had to have a conversation with myself one day....there were 21 people online and nobody said a word
  18. Smp3 is quiet, but so friendly. It was and will always be my home server :9
  19. Aye, I agree, before a few players moved to a different smp it was all chaos on smp3. After that it has been nothing but peace and quiet. I can't remember the last time that someone had a conversation in smp3 that was more than 2 sentences in town chat.
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