smp3 need silck touch pickaxe will pay 1600r

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  1. i got silky touch pick, but its not lvl 4 its lvl 1 or 2 lol xD
  2. There is only level 1 with silk touch, are you willing to sell pickaxe, or are you just flaunting your wonderful tool? :)
  3. I want it!
    i will ridiculous amounts of rupee for it
    dont listen to shaun and his LIES! he needs not one. /crazy

    But for real. If you do feel like selling that silk touch pick, give me a ring, i got some rupees stored just for the occasion.
  4. Lol, i wasnt actually asking for me, i have one. :)
    I was asking out of interest if he was actually putting it up for sale, it would be a very exciting auction. :)
  5. i would win... i have been saving money just for this occasion, i have a very happily stocked chest ready to sell so much stuff just to plump the wallet before the auction.
  6. Im gunna get one today somehow... I wanna get in their first :D
  7. the first one to get and start the auction will hit a pay load from me, if i dont get one before hand lol
  8. Im trying for one too, i just dont know if I would even sell it lol.
  9. they are actually worth like 15 to 20 thousand rupees, sorry :(
  10. Oh is this pickie that much worth? I think im gonna try to have it on auction than ;P