smp3 need silck touch pickaxe will pay 1600r

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  1. 1600? lol.
  2. its never gunna happen - i get asked for silk touch constantly and if i get one its going straight for auction. you can see the other auction prices Iv got for a guide price...
  3. where do you get all your exp!?
  4. mobs? - trust me, there are nice players on minecraft that can get 10 xp levels or even more on a single night...
    dang u love to irritate people, don't you?
  5. He has a cave spider farm of sorts. It's really good I hear.
  6. im right now at my skeleton farm, i also have 2 cave spider farms near, wanna see it?
  7. No, thanks though. I'm in the 'process' of making a skeleton farm. The ocean is in the way. :(
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  8. well, maybe if you see mine u can get some ideas out of it :p the good stuf is that where i am located, there are 4 mob spawners near, 2 from cave spiders, 1 of skeletons and 1 of zombie :D *like a boss^4*
  9. Lies! I stand in the wild at night, naked, and perform the dance of the mob.
  10. the one where u jump into a volcano singing the spider god's song or the other where u ask some1 to shot to you with a bow as gift for the skele-god?
  11. I cant reveal all my secrets!
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  12. lol. ima make one skely farm. right now farming enderman lol.
  13. :(
  14. Plez i really need one i will pay 2000r plezzzzzzz:(
  15. a pick like that would cost *if some1 gets 1* at least 15, thousand.
  16. I found a zombie and a skel right next to each other and made a nice little double dipper ;) its pretty awesome lol
  17. I have one of those on SMP4, I haven't used it yet though... :p
  18. Why? its fast lol