Smp3 Gold Farm

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  1. Hello I am ultimategamer107. My friends and I (Johnkid and bigdaddy0823) have built a new gold farm in the smp3 wild. It is a new farm and fairly efficient. Please do not grief this farm, if you see any griefers or griefing there please report it to a staff member immediately

    1. Goto smps /nether
    2. Go west until you hit the edge of the safezone
    3. When you hit the safezone follow the path north untill you see a half built room and a portal
    Cords of portal are X 142 Y 32 Z 121

    Please trash the gold swords and rotten flesh after use

    A few chests are locked in the collection rooms just so we can make a little profit from the farm
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.