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  1. Hello I am ImUlti. My friends and I (Johnkid and bigdaddy0823) have built a new gold farm in the smp3 wild. It is a new farm and fairly efficient. Please do not grief this farm, if you see any griefers or griefing there please report it to a staff member immediately

    1. Goto smps /nether
    2. Go west until you hit the edge of the safezone
    3. When you hit the safezone follow the path north untill you see a half built room and a portal
    Cords of portal are X 142 Y 32 Z 121

    Please trash the gold swords and rotten flesh after use

    There is currently 96 max size portals at the farm!
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  2. excuse the other stuff in the picture, didn't feel like cropping.
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  3. Dang thats a big gold farm ill make sure to check it out :)
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  4. haha, it sure is. 96 portals :D it was a lot of work ( and i fell in so many times helping ) on mine, bigdaddy0823's, and ultimategamer107's sides. but yeah, that picture shows one side of the two sides of the farm.

    also if you end up needing any help getting there, just let one of us know if we're online ! it's easy to get there, but sometimes it can be a struggle understanding where to go, haha.
  5. Dang, I wish I could check it out, but I'm way too far away. Stuck with the iron farm that's nearby I guess. :/
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  6. this is cool, its a shame that you have locked the gold bars section and the heads chest, I would like to get the items I harvest that are worth the most.
  7. The ingot and head chest are now unlocked
  8. I will definitely be using this in the future. Thanks for another awesome community project on emc!

    EDIT: I love seeing awesome stuff like this so i gave each of you a present to maybe help improve this place if needed or get stuff you want
  9. thanks ! i'll be checking what it is, but whatever it is, it's much appreciated ! and we welcome you to using this in the future, be it near or far future :D
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  10. Thanks for the Present and you didnt have to do it but it helps on other projects as well
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  11. added a strength 2 beacon, figuring it was time to bring that back to the farm.

    also added something out of the fact me and a few others do it -- around our little "viewing platform" and different levels of viewing area. on the first one aside from the roof of the not-so-gold farm, there's the first level of portals. i know me and others like to aggrovate the pigmen to draw them out when they're being a little stubborn.

    so, to prevent people from falling to the ground ( which is waaaaay below... ) and to keep pigmen from dropping on people when they do this ( i've died 3-4 times from this :p ) i added a bit of a glass wall and slight roof. you still wanna be careful not to fall in the farm though. might not end so well for you if so -- though you can always retrieve your stuff from the gold swords chest if you do die with stuff on you :)

    that is all for now. toodles !
  12. That's awesome. Need any help with repairs or management, I can help out. :)
  13. thanks ! glad you think so. and we'll keep that in mind if it ends up griefed or if we need help with something and we're a little short on hands. thanks for that too :)
  14. It doesn't seem to be sorting things correctly all the time. Sometimes it does. Other times it seems to just dump everything into the pigman head collection chest
  15. Just a heads up.

    I just checked this place out (it's great by the way) and noted that someone has griefed a few sections. There are a few dangerous holes that need to be filled.

    On a separate note how do I get one of the storage chests?
  16. the only time it does this is if you are letting the gold swords and / or rotten flesh overflow. try not to let it do that, because it breaks the sorter. we could've just left all of it unorganized; but figured it would be nice to have an auto sorter for the items. try to do your part as much as possible and use /trash to dispose of all those swords and flesh, thanks !

  17. oh yikes, that must've happened very recently, as it was fine just last night when i went. i'll make sure to come and check it out today, and try to patch up whatever holes there may be. thanks for letting us know.

    also, forgot that's something we probably have to re-do with the release of a.g., so that you can just lock it as normal. please be patient while that is worked on / re-done so you can just go down and [lock] a chest in the storage area. again, thanks!
  18. Renovations are currently being made to the gold farm. If you have a locked chest at the farm could you please move it to the new storage room.
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