SMP2 town to laggy to join.

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  1. Every time i connect to SMP2 i get kicked right away in the town centre. To laggy to move or even use objects. I don't experience this any of the other servers towns.. ? Help?
  2. Late reaction but: is this still going on? I've experienced the same thing myself from time to time (on other server) but it's most often caused by some extreme activities (I think). Because the servers I had issues with seemed to have resolved themselves.

    I've tried visiting /spawn a few times now and so far I don't notice any issues.
  3. I'm not sure if it's EMC or possibly me :oops:, but I can't stay connected to EMC past 10 o'clock at night, namely smp2. I keep crashing or getting kicked and it's terribly laggy. My connection seems strong and I don't have the issue with other servers. Wierd. :confused:
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  4. What version are you using?
  5. If you are using 1.10 you should use 1.9. 1.10 was touched by chin.
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  6. Well, this happened to me when I tried to join another server. As you know 1.10.1 came out, and when I tried to join, my Minecraft crashed. This problem might be the same for you. Try using 1.10, or using 1.9.
  7. I'm only using 1.9.
  8. 1.9 is also a good client to use.
  9. I see the problem here! What seems to be the issue is that you're trying to use SMP2, the clearly inferior choice in the matter. Try SMP1 the next time you feel the need to step up your game and get the premium experience ;)
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  11. Serious response:
    Kells, did your issue get fixed? It's been a few days now so I wanted to see if the original responses worked or it was just network issues.
    If not, please send me a message and we can work out the kinks.
  12. Quite picking on our young Canadian girls, or they will hurt you. ;)
  13. You are so kind Krysyy. :) I believe it is a work day, so should you not be working? :p
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  14. Shhhh....lunch break ;)